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Windows 10 Mail app now allows all users to disable Conversation View, here’s how you can do it

Windows 10 Mail app now allows all users to disable Conversation View, here’s how you can do it

by AshwinSeptember 11, 2015

If you read my write up last week, you may be aware that Windows 10’s Mail app added the option to disable Conversation View for all emails.

windows10 mail app disable conversation view

But there was a slight catch in that the feature was only available for the members of the Windows Insider Program.

This is due to the fact, that the Preview Builds of the operating system, have preview builds of the apps too. So that was the reason why we general build (Build 10240) users didn’t have the option yet. Microsoft’s Gabe Aul had tweeted earlier this week, that in fact it was available for all users, but was pointed out by other users that it wasn’t the case.  Perhaps it was a teaser that it was coming soon?

Today, Microsoft quietly pushed out an update for the Windows Mail and Calendar App, which brings the version to 17.1608.42001.0. This is available from the Windows Store, so check for updates and install it.

This version adds the Conversation View, and here’s how to enable it in the app.

1. Click on the gear icon in the bottom left corner, to open Windows Mail Settings

2. Now on the right pane, click on Options.

3. Under the “View Settings” there is a toggle button, which says “Show messages arranged by conversation”.

4. It is enabled by default, click on the toggle to turn it off.

(Refer to the above image)

You will need to refresh your inbox, for the change to take effect. To enable this feature repeat the above mentioned steps. While this is a very welcome feature,  it does have a slight drawback. The bad news is that this is not a global setting in the app. You will have to repeat the steps for each and every account you have added to the Mail app.

This is what an email with replies looks like after conversation view has been disabled.

windows10 mail app conversation view turned off

Replies which you have sent will be in the “sent folder”, unlike in Conversation View, where all mails can be seen in a thread. Also, any new reply to the same conversation will be displayed as a new mail, well it will be listed as a separate new mail, with the older replies seen like an “other conversation”.

Here is what a “Conversation View” looks like.

windows10 mail app conversation view

Some may not like it, but some may prefer reading some mails as conversations. In my opinion, Microsoft could have kept it as a global setting and a checkmark for each account, which you can tick to enable conversation view for each account.