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Windows 10 November Update removes ESET Antivirus, and the security firm releases a fix

Windows 10 November Update removes ESET Antivirus, and the security firm releases a fix

by AshwinNovember 17, 2015

When Microsoft released the first major update for Windows 10 a week ago, there was a lot of confsion amongst users.


While the majority of users took to social networks and forums to find out how to update to Windows 10 Build 10586 without waiting for the Update to show up, there were those who had upgraded to the new version.

If you keep an eye on reddit, like I do, you may be aware that some users reported that the Windows 10 November Update removes a lot of applications, when the user tries upgrading to the new build. And no, we are not talking about clean installs here. Instead, the one we are looking at is the “Keep Personal Files” option, which lets you retain all your files and apps.

The users reported that CPU-Z, Speccy and many other apps, were uninstalled by the Windows 10 Setup process, and left them frustrated. Interestingly the apps were not actually incompatible with the operating system at all. You could simply re-install them, and they would work just fine. So why is Microsoft’s updater removing the apps?

Imagine the frustration. of the app which was removed is something you paid for, say, like an antivirus. That is exactly what happened to some users. reports that the Windows 10 November Update removes ESET Antivirus.

ESET has already released a fix for this issue, and has also published a support article regarding the same.This is what the company states on its website.

Microsoft has changed their rules for detection of compatible applications in Windows 10 Fall (Threshold 2) released on November 12th, 2015. As a result, ESET product versions considered compatible in the past may be disabled after the Windows 10 Fall upgrade procedure

The company is asking users to update their copy of ESET antivirus to the latest version before attempting to update to the new build of the operating system.

The following versions of ESET’s products are incompatible with Windows 10:

  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus – Some versions of v8.0.20x
  • ESET Smart Security –  8.0.203
  • ESET Endpoint Antivirus – Some versions of 5.x and 6.x
  • ESET Endpoint Security – 6.1.2227

For a full list, read the support article linked above.

I upgraded to Build 10586 when it was released, and it did not remove any of my apps (Kaspersky, CCleaner, Revo, etc) or games (Steam, Origin, Uplay etc). The new version has been working fine, but nevertheless it is sad to see it causing trouble for other users.

Have you upgraded to Windows 10 Build 10586? Did it remove any of your apps? Do tell us what happened, by dropping a comment below.