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Windows 10 now runs on 10% of devices, and could soon surpass the usage shares of Windows 8.1 and XP

Windows 10 now runs on 10% of devices, and could soon surpass the usage shares of Windows 8.1 and XP

by AshwinJanuary 2, 2016

Windows 10 is just over 5 months old, after having been launched officially back in July 2015.

Windows 10 Market Share December 2015

The last official word from Microsoft about the new operating system’s numbers, was that it is running on 110 Million Devices around the World.

Those statistics are actually a few months old, from October last year. How is the operating system faring now?

We have an unofficial answer to that question, thanks to NetMarketShare, which reports that Windows 10 is now running on 10% of devices. To be more precise, the OS now has a 9.96% market share. Back in October, the website reported that Windows 10 held a 7.94% share. A month later it grew by 1.06% to claim 9%.

The growth in the following month however, has clearly slowed down considerably, with a 0.96% increase. This stands as an indication that the number of Windows 10 Upgrades have begun to fall, since the OS’s launch.

Windows 10 could soon be the second most popular Microsoft OS:

The good news is that Windows 10 has almost caught up with Windows 8.1, which only has a 10.3% share. Even better is the fact that, Windows 10 may soon surpass Windows XP’s numbers, as the classic operating system, for which support ended in 2014, now has just a 10.93% share, and continues to fall sharply.

Windows 8 merely has a 2.76% of operating system shares, while windows Vista’s numbers are even lesser with 1.62%.

Windows 10’s real competitor:

Windows 7 however, still remains the biggest threat to Windows 10, with a massive 55.68% share of desktops. This has resulted in Microsoft resorting to desperate measures, to try and make users move away from Windows 7, to 10, claiming that the former, is no longer a secure OS, even though it has 4 years of support left.

We have reported several times, that Microsoft is pushing the Windows 10 Upgrade very aggressively to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Users. But apparently even those annoying tactics, aren’t helping the operating system gain huge numbers.

Microsoft is targeting 1 Billion installs of Windows 10 by 2017.Despite of the free Windows 10 Upgrade offer for existing users, which will continue to run for a good 7 months, reaching that target does not seem to be a realistic target, given the recent drop in the adoption rate of the OS.

This could be further hindered by the fact that PCs pre-installed with Windows 7 are still available, and will continue to remain so until October 2016.

The only way for Microsoft to probably achieve 1 Million installs of Windows 10, is if more PCs with Windows 10 pre-installed on them, are sold. And given that deadline is less than 364 days away, this indeed looks be an uphill task, with each passing day.