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Windows 10 Store Update issues have been fixed, says Microsoft

Windows 10 Store Update issues have been fixed, says Microsoft

by AshwinAugust 14, 2015

Windows 10 may be a huge success, but all is not well with the new operating system from Microsoft.


According to recent reports, Windows 10 users have been plagues with a major issue.

It impacts a key component of the OS, the Windows Store. Users have been reporting that the Redmond Company’s app market, gas not been functioning as it should, in that it fails to download updates for installed apps, and also prevented the user from downloading new apps. This is a serious problem, since many of Windows 10’s core apps are available at the Windows Store including the Calculator, Mail and Calendar, and even the Store app itself is updated using the updater tool built-in to it.

What’s more, this issue was reported a week ago (on August 8th), and it has taken Microsoft a solid week to fix this problem. ZDNet reports that Microsoft had announce a fix much earlier. It had promised users on August 11th, to fix the issue within 48 hours. Even though the issue has reportedly been fixed, the company has not revealed how it solved the problem.

So, any update for Windows apps, which was released for the past week had to go by uninstalled, on affected computers. Interestingly, the Windows Store app was able to detect new updates at the server and queued them up for download, which was pretty much useless, without the ability to download the said updates

Microsoft reportedly released an update for the Windows Store App a couple of days ago, on August 13th, which was touted to fix the aforementioned issues. Needless to say, that update was in vain.

Some users decided that enough was enough and took things into their hands to find a fix, and they did. While it is a bit of a tedious task, the following workarounds reportedly solve the issue with the Store.

Warning: I have not tested this, and do not recommend users to try the following. I am merely sharing it here as a bit of information.

Resetting Windows 10, and disabling a few recent Windows Updates are said to have fixed the problem.

This suggests that there could be an issue with the Windows Store’s cache or the app itself which was updated )on more than one occassion if I remember correctly) since Windows 10 made its debut, a fortnight ago.

I haven’t experienced such issues with the Windows Store, so all I have to say at this moment, is to be patient until we have confirmation that the issue has indeed been fixed, or at least until Microsoft rolls out a patch fix for the same. You can disable Automatic Updates for the Windows Store Apps with the help of our guide.