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Windows 10 surpasses 100 Million installs within just 60 days of its launch

Windows 10 surpasses 100 Million installs within just 60 days of its launch

by AshwinSeptember 29, 2015

Windows 10 was released exactly two months ago, and how has the operating system been faring.


It is continuing to amass millions of users over, thanks to Microsoft offering it as a free upgrade for Windows 7/8.1 users.

In fact, the number of users rocketed to 50 Million installs, after just 15 days from the day it was launched. In less than two weeks later, Windows 10 added a further 25 million new users to its records.

And now a new report has emerged which claims that Windows 10 now has over 100 Million installs, within just 60 days of its launch. 100 Million downloads, is actually an incredibly impressive number. Microsoft is targeting 1 Billion installs of Windows 10 by the year 2017. And it has achieved 10% of the target already. But can it keep up the pace?

It was only a few days ago, we wrote an article about how Windows 10 is not helping PC sales, as it was originally expected to. That blame actually has to fall on none other than the Redmond company itself, as it offers Windows 10 as a free upgrade for Windows 7/8.1 users until next July. So, the majority of the people tend to stick to their old PCs, instead of buying new ones, and simply upgrade to the latest iteration of Windows, as that makes more economical sense.

But then again, things might improve, as Microsoft recently crossed the Great Wall of China, to offer the Windows 10 Upgrade, through the Country’s most popular search provider, Baidu. This partnership included a deal, in which Baidu is the default search engine, instead of Microsoft’s own service, Bing. This will ensure that Windows 10 offers a better local experience, which in turn might attract even more users, to adopt the operating system. What’s more, apparently over 10 Million users have already upgraded to Windows 10, even before the upgrade roll out has begun.

If this trend continues, Windows 10 could easily achieve its target of a Billion installs. But the rate of adoption will undoubtedly be slower, when compared to when Windows 10 was launched and brand new. Of course, one must consider the fact that the majority of businesses will only upgrade to Windows 10, after the operating system stabilizes into a more usable state for their professional purposes. When that happens, the number of installs will definitely skyrocket to make up a significant percentage.

I am actually more interested in the number of people who have downgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 7 or 8.1, as that actually defines whether the new OS is user friendly and performs adequately well as its predecessors.