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Windows 10 Upgrade nagware issues rise as the GWX app now offers users to Upgrade Now or Upgrade Tonight

Windows 10 Upgrade nagware issues rise as the GWX app now offers users to Upgrade Now or Upgrade Tonight

by AshwinDecember 16, 2015

Windows 10 may be gaining a nice chunk of users every month, but how it does is a different story.

Windows 10 Upgrade nagware GWX app Upgrade Now or Upgrade Tonight

Yes, we are talking about the hideousness that is called the GWX app.

Last week, Microsoft began pushing out a new version of the Get Windows 10 app, which offered the user two options, Upgrade Now or Start Download and Upgrade Later, with no option to skip the upgrade from the immediate options.

This nagware pop-up also takes up half the screen, but can be dismissed by clicking the X button. That doesn’t make it good though, given the lack of control the user has in this scenario.

If you thought that nagware was horrible, wait till you read this. Softpedia reports that there is a new version of the GWX app, which now displays a similar pop-up window,. but with different options. The choices that the app gives are Upgrade Now or Upgrade Tonight. Once again, there is no option to skip the upgrade offer.

Wait, to Whom does this computer belong to? The user? Or Microsoft? This should be the question that should come across every frustrated user’s mind, with the way that the Redmond company is forcing the upgrades with such malware-like pop-ups.

Just because it is being offered for free doesn’t necessarly mean every user will welcome it. Windows 10 is by no means the greatest operating system, Windows 7 is much faster on older PCs. And Microsoft’s desperate attempt to push the upgrade for it will drive the users to block the offer, with GWX Control Panel app and the like.

But the good news is that these nagware prompts should no longer trouble users after the promotional period of July 2016, the bad news is that day is still a good 7 and a half months away, and Microsoft is going to crank up the upgrade offer soon, to annoy users even more.

The Redmond Company has announced that it will be offering the free Windows 10 upgrade, as a recommended update for Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 users who have the “Get Recommended Updates” option enabled. These users will be forced to upgrade to the new operating system, so make sure to disable the setting asap, to avoid being automatically upgraded to Windows 10.

Microsoft should stop this atrocity, and focus on better things to the people who use Windows 10. For instance,  adding support for extensions in Microsoft Edge, is something that its users actually want.