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Windows 10 users raise their voice to ask Microsoft to reveal change log for Windows Updates

Windows 10 users raise their voice to ask Microsoft to reveal change log for Windows Updates

by AshwinAugust 26, 2015

Windows 10 has its highs and lows, sure we all know that now.


It has many features we love, and some which we hate earnestly.

Of course I love Windows 10, despite all of its shortcomings, but I do feel there are areas in which the opertaing system needs to improve. One such part where it needs to be worked upon, and the biggest drawback in Windows 10, is Windows Updates.

The problem begins at Home, literally. Windows 10 Home Edition, cannot defer updates, and hence is forced to install every single update which rolls out of the Redmond Company’s servers. This includes the oh so lovely updates, which crash the PC rendering it unusable, or even worse, puts the computer into a boot loop.

There is yet another problem with Windows Updates, frankly there are several issues, but I’m going to narrow it down to the most annoying ones. First there is the issue with too many updates being rolled out too quickly, at least to my liking, and those which require a reboot to finish installing. It is only made worse by the fact, that the reboot has to be done through the Settings App > Update & Recovery > Windows Update, because a normal reboot doesn’t install the patch.

The second issue, isn’t with updates themselves, rather the blame is upon the release notes, which are non-existent. Microsoft revealed recently that it will not provide change-logs for minor updates.

This isn’t a good thing at all. Most tech savvy users, at least those with a Windows 10 Pro Edition, will prefer to read about the patch, what it fixes, and more, before deciding. whether to update or not. I even do this for mobile apps and PC software, and when I can’t find a change-log, I dig deep either by searching for release-notes, or the developer’s website, or even the product forums, where you may stumble upon an official/unofficial change log, or list of known issues, or bug reports made by those who installed an update is shared with other members of the community.

It isn’t so with Windows Updates, when it comes to the company’s forums. While you may not find a change-log, there is a decent chance that other users have reported about the performance or bugs, if any, present after an Update has been installed. Microsoft remains mum upon the issue, but its community isn’t going to drop the pitchforks yet.

Softpedia reports that members of the Windows User Voice forums, have taken it upon their shoulders to demand a change-log for every single update from Redmond. This thread, to be precise, is the one in question, and has managed to garner almost 600 votes in favour of their request, which is:

Can we get coherent KB articles for Windows 10 updates and not rambling lists of files that were changed?

Microsoft hasn’t responded to the request yet, but given that the post has managed to amass a huge number of votes, it is highly likely that it will manage to at least get a reply from a Microsoft Official. Well, it surely has my vote, literally. I’m all in for change-logs for Windows Updates, any Tuesday.