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Windows 10 virtual machines released, lets you test the OS and Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 virtual machines released, lets you test the OS and Microsoft Edge

by AshwinAugust 18, 2015

Microsoft has announced the release of Windows 10 virtual machines.


Virtual Machines, are simulated operating systems, which can be run inside a real operating system.

This allows the user, to explore and check out the features of the new OS, before deciding to install the OS on a computer. Now, Microsoft’s intent to release these Windows 10 virtual machines, is for developers to test out Microsoft Edge. They will be able to test the browser, and how it works for their websites.

But the fact is, any user can download and use the virtual machine, as it does not require any registration or special requirements. So, you can download it and try it on your computer, to see if the new operating system, and its browser are to your liking. This way, if you don’t like Windows 10, you can simply delete the virtual machine, and stick to your older version of Windows.

Microsoft Edge still hasn’t been unleashed with its full potential. A major component of the browser, browser extensions is missing. Microsoft had originally promised to roll out support for extensions, when Windows 10 is launched, but half a month later, we are still speculating about the much awaited feature. The Redmond Company, is touted to release its first major update for Windows 10, sometime in October. The update is rumoured to be called Threshold 2, and this is supposedly the first non-patch Windows Update, i.e., it adds features instead of fixing bugs.

The new Microsoft Edge Developer version could be part of Microsoft’s testing process to prepare for the upcoming update.

The Windows 10 virtual machines are available in three formats (for various application formats): HyperV, VirtualBox and VMware. But Vagrant boxes (with VirtualBox) and QEMU are coming soon.

Head over to this page on Microsoft’s website to download your Windows 10 virtual machine of choice.

It is worth noting that the current build of the virtual machines do have a known issue. The settings app displays a message which says “Connect to the Internet to activate.” Microsoft says that this is merely a bug and does not affect how the virtual machine works. It also adds that the virtual machines expire after 90 days, and that users should take a snapshot,  as soon as the virtual machine is installed.

We have already written a user friendly tutorial, about how to install Windows 10 in VMWare. Be sure to give it a read, if you haven’t used a virtual machine before.