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Windows 10’s security features get featured in 10 Reasons to Upgrade video promo

Windows 10’s security features get featured in 10 Reasons to Upgrade video promo

by AshwinJuly 25, 2015

Microsoft is highlighting the security features of Windows 10, in the latest video of the promotional video campaign, 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10.


The operating system improves upon certain existing features, whilst adding a couple of top class options which should help users keep their PCs clean and safe from malicious content and attacks.

Firstly, the video tells users that they can do “Fort Knox” things with Windows 10’s built-in Antimalware application, Windows Defender. The app is no stranger to Windows, and was launched nearly a decade ago for Windows XP, and other operating systems of that time period. However, the app has evolved into a strong scanner and remover, and receives regular definition updates to strengthen its database to remove latest malware threats. Microsoft says that Windows Defender makes use of data gathered from a billion devices, to keep users safe from zero-day threats as well.

SmartScreen is the next feature of Windows 10, shown off in the video, and is one that protects users by running checks for websites and blocks malicious websites, which are involved in phishing and data/identity theft. Microsoft SmartScreen also protects against malicious downloads, in a similar fashion to Windows Defender, by employing a cloud based app reputation service, which scans new apps for malicious behavior. You may have come across Smartscreen in Windows 8, when the OS might have displayed a message saying the app you tried to run was blocked, because its reputation is unknown.

The video then moves to feature “Windows Hello”, which is a biometric security system, that scans your face or fingerprint (using a compatible device), to authenticate your login, without the need for entering your password. Microsoft’s announcement about the Securiity features, also highlights the importance of free updates, which will make sure Windows 10 systems are safe.

It also goes on to mention the Sandboxing technology, built-in to Windows 10’s new browser, Microsoft Edge, which provides a safe experience, keeping the browser isolated in an environment, and away from your personal data, information and the operating system. Windows 10 will also have kid-friendly features to keep them safe from inappropriate games, apps and websites.

Without further ado, here is the video focusing on Windows 10’s security features:

The Redmond Company has already featured the return of the Start Menu, the digital personal assistant Cortana, the new browser Microsoft Edge, support for streaming Xbox One games to PC, Multitasking features: Task View, Snap Assist and Action Center, in the previous videos of the 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 series.

We can expect Microsoft to highlight the Windows 10 Phone Companion, Universal Apps, and more in the days to come.