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Windows 10’s wallpaper has been revealed, and it looks awesome

Windows 10’s wallpaper has been revealed, and it looks awesome

by AshwinJune 26, 2015

We are just a month away from the launch of Windows 10, but Microsoft continues to delight users with new announcements.

The Redmond Company has announced a plethora of features that are present in its upcoming operating system.

From Cortana to Microsoft Edge, and the Action Center to the new Settings App, the list of cool new features in Windows 10 are endless.

But we musn’t overlook the obvious, yet we did. And Microsoft reminded us of one popular, yet little discussed feature of Windows, which is right under our noses, something which we look at every single day, the Wallpaper on the desktop.

Windows 10’s wallpaper has been revealed, and it looks awesome. And its not just a basic image, which was designed randomly on a computer. Microsoft wanted to make Windows 10’s wallpaper stand out, literally. And to do so, it approached a photography studio, based in San Francisco.

The designers built two installations, using which they created the Windows logo out of light. The creative director of the project, Bradley Munkowitz, explained the concept behind the design.

The logo was to be like a portal, which allowed them to look into space. In order to achieve this, the team had to make use of advanced techniques like camera mapping of the logo, projections, lasers and more.

The wallpaper displayed in the above image, is the outcome of this highly technical project. It represents the Windows logo with light beams shining from behind it, and around its edges.

Watch the video below to know how it was made, and the wallpaper itself in action.

So, did you have a look at the official Wallpaper of Windows 10? Looks very futuristic, doesn’t it?

While the hero image featured in the video is animated, it is likely that the wallpaper in Windows 10 will be a static one, and not a live one. This is kind of surprising, isn’t it? Even smartphones have incredible live wallpapers, why can’t our PCs, which have much superior hardware, support such a basic feature? Well, yes animated desktops did exist, but they are long gone now.

Oh, and there is some bad news too. Sadly, The Verge reports that the new Windows 10 wallpaper is not available for download just yet. It will only be available in the final version of Windows 10. Now, this makes it another feature we have to wait for, along with support for Extensions in Microsoft Edge.

Windows 10 is launching on July 29th.