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Windows Apps and Windows Hello are amongst 10 reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows Apps and Windows Hello are amongst 10 reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

by AshwinJuly 27, 2015

With just two days to go to the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft is continuing to promote Windows 10, to try and attract as many users as possible to adopt the new OS.


The Redmond Company had previously highlighted the Start Menu, Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Xbox One steaming on PCs, Windows 10 Security Features, Action Center + Task View + Snap Assist, in the earlier videos of its promotional campaign “10 reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10”.

Over the weekend, Microsoft highlighted two more features in 2 separate videos: Windows Hello and Windows Apps.

Windows Hello:

Wait a minute! Did someone turn on the time machine again? Didn’t Microsoft already show off Windows Hello in the Security Features video on Friday? Well yes, someone apparently found it amusing to include it in a video, and also highlight it separately a day later.

Windows Hello can scan your face or your fingerprint, to log you in to Windows 10, thus eliminating the need to enter a password, whilst providing a higher level of security.

Windows Hello is a cool feature, and I don’t deny that. But Microsoft itself, acknowledges that the feature requires compatible hardware such as a fingerprint reader, illuminated IR sensor or other biometric sensors. These are high requirements, which may only be available in new systems.

Consider that these promo videos are focussed on highlighting the key features in Windows 10, in a bid to attract existing Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users, to upgrade their machines to Windows 10. Each video in the series ends with the words “Free upgrade, Zilch, Nada, etc”.

So, highlighting a feature (that requires the user to buy a new PC), in 10 reasons to Upgrade?  It doesn’t make much sense.

Windows Apps

Microsoft is highlighting the built-in apps of Windows 10: Photos, Maps, Mail and Calendar, Groove, and Movies & TV as great features.

  • The new Photos App can organize your albums in to collections, and also allows you to enhance and edit them with ease.
  • Maps, as the name suggests helps you navigate by combining Microsoft Bing Maps and HERE Maps (Nokia), and also syncs across any Windows device you own.
  • Mail and Calendar apps form a powerful combo, but can still be launched as separate apps. Mail has gained incredible features including editing features found in Word, while the Calendar helps setting up reminders and appointments a breeze.
  • Xbox Music and Xbox Videos have been rebranded as Groove Music, and Movies and TV apps.

This is Microsoft’s way of saying that Windows Store Apps are cool, and it is not wrong. By providing each of these apps individually on the Windows Store, it is easier for the Redmond Company to get feedback about the apps, and update them accordingly with bug fixes, new features and more.