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Windows Insiders will get Windows 10 RTM as a free upgrade

Windows Insiders will get Windows 10 RTM as a free upgrade

by AshwinMay 11, 2015

At a conference held in January, Microsoft announced some incredible news.

The Redmond company said that it will be offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade for all users of Windows 7 and 8.1.

However, the upgrade offer is only valid for the first year, since Windows 10 is released. Any PC which is updated during the 12 month time period, will receive Windows updates for free for the lifetime of the device.

Microsoft is doing this not just to lure users away from it’s older operating systems, but also to improve its revenue report. We have analyzed this in an article, which you can read here.

But things are reportedly getting even better for the members of the Windows Insider Program. Windows Central reports that, the Head of the Insider Program, Gabe Aul, has announced that Windows Insiders will get Windows 10 RTM as a free upgrade

Aul revealed this on Twitter, in reply to a query from a user:

What is Windows RTM?

RTM is short for Release to manufacturing, and the version of Windows which is sent by Microsoft to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), like HP, Dell, etc. It is a fully licensed version of Windows, and will be loaded on to the computers which are sold by said OEMs.

Since it is a licensed version of Windows, users will be able to update to the final version of Windows 10, when the Redmond company releases it.

Windows 10 RTM for free. Why this is important?

First of all, the Windows Insider Program, is open and available for every one. Any individual can download and install the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build on his/her computer. You do not need a valid Windows license to use a preview build of Windows 10, but the builds are set to auto-expire after a specified time limit.

Microsoft’s plan to offer Windows 10 RTM as a free upgrade for the Windows Insiders, is a brilliant idea. On one hand it is a great reward for those who provide feedback to improve the OS, by reporting issues and help fix the bugs, while also making suggestions to add new features to the OS.

But it could also help Microsoft in another way. Once word of this free upgrade offer is out, more users will be tempted to join the Insider Program, to download and install the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build. It could even pull non-Windows users to try the operating system. This is a win-win situation as the users can get a full version of Windows for free, while Microsoft could be the bigger winner, as it could be getting invaluable user-feedback.