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Windows Live Writer will be open sourced soon, a Microsoft Employee reveals

Windows Live Writer will be open sourced soon, a Microsoft Employee reveals

by AshwinJune 11, 2015

A Microsoft employee has revealed that Windows Live Writer will be open sourced soon.

Windows Live Writer is a blogging tool, which comes a with a variety of tools including a WYSIWYG editor.
Advantages of using Windows Live Writer vs using Online tools:

  1. You can write blog articles while you are offline, and publish them whenever you want.
  2. You can preview how an article looks like within the app. Requires you to download the blog’s theme, but you only need to do this once.
  3. Save local copies of your blog posts, view recently posted articles and edit them.
  4. Built in tools like spell check, image editing, watermarking, font formatting and more including support for plugins.
  5. Easy to insert images in articles, they will uploaded to your blog when you save a draft or publish the post.
  6. Supports many services including WordPress, Blogger, BlogEngine and more.

Now that you know why Live Writer is important, lets move on to discuss about the news about the application.

Windows Live Writer still works in Windows 10, and it is free to use. Why bother open sourcing it?

Because it is outdated. Open Sourcing could well revive the app with new features.

Windows Live Writer to be open sourced. What does that mean anyway?

Many people often get confused when they hear the words open source. It is often mistaken for free software. The first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the words “open source” is Linux. While that is not wrong, it isn’t the only open source platform in the World.

What open source really means is that a developer of an application reveals the source code of his app, and publishes it online. By doing so, other developers interested in the app can use the source code and improve the app with new features, bug fixes, etc. But, more importantly, any developer can use the source code to create a brand new application.

Think of the possibility of Live Writer with a new UI, cloud service integration, and tons of customization options.

Is Microsoft abandoning Live Writer?

We are not sure. Perhaps they are, or maybe they will work with other developers to improve Live Writer.

Download Windows Live Writer from Microsoft’s website. You can get the offline installer for Windows Live Essentials. It includes Live Writer, as well as other outdated Windows Live apps like Mail, Messenger, SkyDrive (old version of One Drive)

We have no ETA about when Microsoft could announce the open source Windows Live Writer yet. Microsoft-News reported that a Twitter user’s query, resulted in a reply from a Microsoft employee who confirmed that Windows Live Writer will be open sourced.