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Windows Redstone is the codename of the next Windows 10 Update, slated for launch in 2016

Windows Redstone is the codename of the next Windows 10 Update, slated for launch in 2016

by AshwinApril 8, 2015

Microsoft is working on the first update to its upcoming OS, Windows 10.


The update has been codenamed as Redstone, which is an element found in the popular game Minecraft, (made by the game Mojang), which Microsoft acquired last year for $2.5 Billion.

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft has used a name from one of its games,  as a codename for its Windows products. The popular Windows Phone Assistant, Cortana, is named after an artifical intelligence of the same name, found in the Halo series. Project Spartan, Microsoft’s new browser is also named after the super-soldier program from Halo. Even Windows 10 had a codename called Threshold, which was named after a planet found in you guessed it right, the Halo series.

So why is Microsoft working on Redstone, when it hasn’t even launched the final version of Windows 10?

The company has previously said that Windows will be updated faster, and hence the Redstone update is already underway. Neowin‘s sources report that, Microsoft is now in the planning stages of the Redstone update. It is not the version of Windows, it is more or less just a minor update for Windows 10.

What exactly are Redstone’s features?

It is still too early to tell what the features are, but basically it depends on what the final version of Windows 10 would look like. Reports say that the update will bring features that were/or are being cut away from Windows 10. Microsoft is currently working to fix bugs in Windows 10, and new features are unlikely to be added to the RTM (release to manufacturing).

The RTM for Windows 10 is scheduled for June 2015, which is less than two months away, so it is likely that the features that have been cut from it are likely to appear in the Redstone update, which is slated for a release in for 2016. Additionally the company will also be releasing Windows Server next year, so chances are that Redstone could be a part of it too.

When will Redstone be released?

According to Neowin‘s sources, the Redstone update for Windows 10 will be released in two waves. The update will initially be available for members of the Windows Insider Program, which the company can use to garner feedback from testers. After the test program is successful, we should see the update roll out to all Windows 10 users. The first wave of the update is scheduled for June 2016, while the second wave will be out by October 2016.