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Windows Store reportedly crashing for users, Microsoft promises a fix soon

Windows Store reportedly crashing for users, Microsoft promises a fix soon

by AshwinSeptember 11, 2015

Word on the internet is that the Windows Store is reportedly crashing for users.

Windows Store Crashes

It is unclear as to what is actually causing the issue.

The issue seems to be affecting all Windows 10 devices, regardless of what they are, be it a PC, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet.

You may be aware that the Windows Store App is updated through the app itself, yes I know it sounds weird, but web browsers do the same thing too, so its kind of similar I suppose. Going by that logic, I am guessing this may be an issue in the latest version of the Windows Store.  Personally I have disabled Windows Store auto updates, for scenarios just like this, I do use the Calculator, Twitter for Windows 10, Mail and Calendar, and of course the Store app regularly, but I don’t install updates immediately.

My laptop runs on Windows 10 Build 10240 64-bit, which is fully patched (upto KB3081455) and my Windows Store version is 2015.8.25.1. It may be possible that a more recent Windows Store app update was pushed out to users which may have caused the issue. I have checked for updates and there are none available for the Store app at the moment.

I did update a few other apps, and they all went through just fine.  It is unclear if a server side maintenance issue could have triggered the app to crash, though we can’t rule out the possibility. For now, all that we can do is wait for a fix.

But oddly enough, the only thing that is certain for now is that this issue seems to be plaguing Windows 10 users alone. I found this after some extensive reading through several complaints on Twitter.

In the meantime, there is some good news, Microsoft has officially acknowledged it and has promised a fix for it soon. This is what the Redmond company tweeted to affected users:

It is a bit disappointing that Microsoft hasn’t explained why the app crashes. Some users are saying it still crashes, while some say otherwise. I’ll update this post when Microsoft acknowledges the issue has been resolved.

I have already written an article about “How to disable automatic updates for Windows Store apps”. Make sure you do so, to avoid wastage of bandwidth, and botched updates. This also applies to Windows 10 Home Edition users too. It was only a week ago that Microsoft enabled the option to allow Home users to disable app updates, the feature was patched in through a Windows Update.