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Windows Update KB3093266 rolls out to users, fixes issues related to Cortana and the Start Menu

Windows Update KB3093266 rolls out to users, fixes issues related to Cortana and the Start Menu

by AshwinOctober 1, 2015

Microsoft has begun rolling out the latest Cumulative Windows Update, for Windows 10 devices.

Windows Update KB3093266

The update in question is called Windows Update KB3093266.

Sadly, and not very surprisingly Microsoft has not provided a change log for this update. This comes after recent reports of Microsoft’s refusal to provide change logs for non-important updates.

The only thing the company mentions in the Knowledgebase article for the update is this:

This update includes improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10.

Oh, that is some incredibly enlightening information, isn’t it? Naturally this ridiculous change log, has irked the wrath of users once again. Some of them took to reddit to slam and ridicule the Redmond company on Reddit. And the complaints apparently did not fall on deaf ears. A Microsoft representative, stepped in to save the day. The person, whose username is jenmsft replied to the thread with the following statement:

This update contains more improvements for anyone who’s been seeing issues with start menu reliability or the critical error dialogs mentioning start and/or Cortana – def jump on it if you’re one of those impacted.

Team continues to actively investigate other underlying causes for these issues, we appreciate your patience.

A redditor rightly questioned the Microsoft rep’s post, and asked why the company failed to shared this information at the KB article, but can do so on Reddit.  This was met by a surprising reply, in that, Microsoft apparently allows Community Champs such as Jen, to directly engage with users on Reddit, to know more about the issues they maybe facing with Windows 10, and also to collect feedback. This in turn, is shared with the Microsoft Developer team, who then analyze the feedback and make changes accordingly.

Now, coming back to the issues which today’s update fixes, Cortana and the Start Menu of Windows 10, have had several problems since Windows 10 made its debut. In fact the two areas of the operating system, actually used to perform better in the builds before the RTM build was launched. The issues ranged from critical errors, to crashes, and non-responsive fly-outs and many more.

So it’s kind of good to see that Microsoft has fixed it after such a long time. And naturally since this is a cumulative update, it includes security fixes as well. You will have to reboot your PC to install the update. The update should be downloaded automatically, because Windows 10 does not allow users to disable Windows updates.