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Windows Update KB3132372 crashing your apps? Here’s how to uninstall it

Windows Update KB3132372 crashing your apps? Here’s how to uninstall it

by AshwinJanuary 4, 2016

Windows Update KB3132372, was released by Microsoft, about three days ago for Windows 10 computers, running n the latest build of the OS.

IE Flash Player KB3132372

The update was meant to patch the recently reported critical vulnerabilities, in the infamous Adobe Flash Player plugin, which the Redmond company ships with Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft did say that a few apps may crash after installing the update. This statement appears to be more of a casual warning, than it states the actual side-effect. Because in reality, the update is crashing more than a “few” apps. Several hundreds of reports have been posted at various forums, including Microsoft’s own forums, and its VOIP service, Skype’s community forums, HP forums, to name a few.

The update seems to be affecting plenty of apps, including Incredimail, Adobe, Poser (the animation app), Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer are among the apps said to be impacted by the issue.

Most of these complaints, state that the app crashes when the user tried to view or use some Adobe Flash content. We tested this using Internet Explorer to visit some webpages with Flash content and even Flash based video players, and oddly enough, it did not crash even a single time. Since we could not produce the issue, we do believe that only some users could be impacted by the problem.

Sadly though, there is only one thing you can do to prevent these crashes, to uninstall the update. And you can point the finger of blame, at the ridiculous Windows 10 Updates policy, which does not allow users to disable Windows Updates, in the name of keeping users secure. (Why, thank you Microsoft).


Please be aware that uninstalling the update will remove the security fixes in the Flash Player plugin for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11. As a workaround, you may have to use another browser, (until Microsoft patches the issue) to stay secure online.

How to uninstall Windows Update KB3132372:

1. Press the Windows + I keys together to bring up the Settings app. (Or click on Start > Settings)
2. In the textbox in the top tight corner, type in “Windows Updates”.
3. Click on the result which says “View Installed Updates”
4. This will open the good old Windows Updates Control Panel option.
5. Highlight the Windows Update KB3132372 and right-click on it
6. Select Uninstall
7. Reboot the computer for the change to take effect.

Uninstall Windows Update KB3132372

Uninstalling the update, has been reported to fix the crashes related to Adobe Flash.

You may follow this method to uninstall any Windows Update, but make sure you know which ones to remove, and why.