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WinRAR 5.31 fixes DPI issues and brings a security patch for SFX archives

WinRAR 5.31 fixes DPI issues and brings a security patch for SFX archives

by AshwinFebruary 8, 2016

WinRAR is without doubt the most popular file compression program for Windows PCs, in the World.

WinRAR 5.31

You can partly attribute it to the generous developer, who lets the users to use the application beyond the 40 day trial period.

Usually it just displays an ad asking the user to buy the full version, but you can skip it and use it for free. But let’s not get into those details here. Read our full WinRAR review for extensive details about the file compression program.

Let’s discuss what’s new in WinRAR 5.31.

Firstly, the issues related to the High DPI in Windows has beem fixed. WinRAR had a bug which was preventing it’s help would not resize, when Windows’ DPI setting to 150% or higher. Similarly, the UI of WinRAR’s file list was also lesser in terms of the width, when Windows’ DPI setting was 125%

We have previously written a tutorial about How to change the DPI settings in Windows 10. You ccan follow that if you need help with adjusting the font size and clarity of Windows.

The version of WinRAR 5.31 brings better support for right to left languages (such as Hebrew). The text alignment for these languages should now work correctly in WinRAR dialog prompts (confirm to delete, clear the log, etc).

The buttons for OK, Cancel, Help, etc, are also aligned properly and the text for these have now been translated to the default display language of Windows,  in the WinRAR dialog prompts wich have multi-page layouts. These include the archiving and extraction options.

A few months ago, a security vulnerability was discovered in Windows, which allowed malicious codes in SFX archives (Self-extracting archives) to run automatically. This was because some DLL libraries would be loaded when the SFX module accessed Windows APIs. This was no fault of WinRAR and also affected other extraction apps as well. Anyway this bug will no longer affect WinRAR in Windows Vista and above, as RARLAB has patched it. But for this to work you need to have the latest Windows Updates on your computer.

Windows XP users need to be careful, you have to make sure that there aren’t any unknown DLL files stored in the same folder as the SFX archive.

There was an issue in WinRAR 5.30, which prevented .lnk files (LiNK files of Windows Shortcuts), from running from WinRAR’s file list UI. This has been fixed in version 5.31.

Download WinRAR from the official website. The application is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.