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WinStep Nexus is an elegant free dock for Windows

WinStep Nexus is an elegant free dock for Windows

by AshwinFebruary 16, 2016

Do you have many apps installed on your PC?

WinStep nexus Dock for Windows
Is it a tedious task to browse through the list of apps to find the one which you wish to use??

There are three ways to access your installed programs quickly in Windows (any version)

1. Desktop icons
2. Taskbar icons
3. Start Menu (Windows 10 has Start Tiles)

The first is the most used, but a cluttered desktop can be a nuisance, and can often cause delays in finding apps. The same can be said of the taskbar, because you may not want more than 10 apps on it. The Start Menu has folders, which makes it an unwise choice to launch apps really fast.

But what if you had another option for launching apps quickly. Have you ever used a Mac machine? If so, you will know what I’m talking about, a Dock, which is available right in the operating system.

A Dock is a floating toolbar which will be displayed anywhere on the screen, but mostly on the four corners of the screen. You may have also seen a Dock on your Android and iOS smartphones too, on the bottom of your dektop (homescreen).

Though Windows doesn’t have a dock built-in, the obvious way to around the issue, is to install a third-party Dock app. Remember the good old application called RocketDock? It was probably the most popular Dock application for Windows, but was abandoned many years ago.

Fortunately there are some good alternatives for it, and probably the most popular one currently is WinStep Nexus. It is an excellent free application, which has beautifully designed icons, some of which are animated, such as the Clock icon, the CPU Meter and the RAM meter, and more.

And of course, you can customize WinStep Nexus to a great extent. It has a lot of themes, and options to set its behaviour (like auto hiding, screen edge), mouse over effects and so much more. You can add any of your apps to the dock and access it quickly too. WinStep Nexus even has sounds for the modules it has, including a Clock Chime, which is quite cool.

The one downside in the app, is that its most advanced options, are behind a paywall which costs $20. But I don’t think that is necessary for the basic purpose of having a luncher with shortcuts to your most used apps.

Download WinStep Nexus dock for free from the official website. WinStep Nexus is fully compatible with Windows 10 and older versions(2000/2003 Server/XP/Vista/7/8.x).


We originally reported that the “official website links to a third party website which has some unwanted apps in the downloader.”

WinStep has reached out to FileCritic to confirm that the file available on is a zip file, which contains the Nexus dock app files only. It does not contain any unwanted downloader. It is totally safe to use.

Here is the official statement from WinStep: (from a comment below)

Ashwin, while Winstep has indeed a button partnership with Cnet’s – and they have been known to include their unwanted downloader on some of the apps available from their site – Winstep Nexus is NOT one of those apps. The Nexus download from their site is a zip file ( and I can guarantee that the setup program for Nexus is all that it includes – or Winstep would have terminated their partnership with them already.

We would like to thank Jorge Coelho from WinStep for the official confirmation.