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WinUtilities Pro review

WinUtilities Pro review

by June 28, 2015

WinUtilities Pro review

Every PC user is always in search of a program that solves all computer problems for good. There are a lot of programs to improve the system stability and one of them is WinUtilities Pro which offers more than 20 different tools for reliable maintenance of all computer settings.

Download and Installation

You can download WinUtilities Pro directly from Ylcomputing official website and it is just 7 MB in size. The program is multilingual and available in more than 30 languages.

The program comes in two different versions – Free and Pro. The free version provides you with only basic maintenance modules while the pro one contains a lot of enhanced modules and tools for reliable maintenance of the computer. Personal license, which is valid for one year costs $22.49 while a lifetime one is $32.49. The price of a Family license is $29.99 and $39.99 respectively.

The trial version is fully functional for 30 days.

The installation process is very easy; just select the installation language, accept the license agreement, choose the destination location and create desktop and quick launch icons. That is all. The program is ready for use.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 7

Installation 9

The Interface of the Program

The main window of WinUtilities Pro has got so-called tabbed design and it is very similar to programs of this class.

The program is divided into four tabs:

Modules – it contains six different categories for cleaning, optimizing, etc. the computer.

1-Click Maintenance – in this tab you have the possibility to configure and run 1-click scanning and cleaning of the computer.

Scheduled Tasks – the program allows you to schedule and run the most important tasks at scheduled time such as Disk Cleaner, Disk Defrag, etc. Here you can configure schedule options.

Status – it contains information about installed modules and program and license status.

Interface- Featured

The Main Features of the Program


The first section of the program’s modules is called Clean Up & Repair and it consists of four different tools which help you to clean up and repair the Windows registry, disks, etc., they are as follows:

Disk Cleaner – this function is intended to remove unnecessary files from the hard disk, i.e. those files which are created by the system on a daily basis but not cleaned and deleted. With the help of this module, you can safely and reliably get rid of zero-byte files, log files, hibernation file, memory dump files, temporary files, and so on. The program offers very flexible and safe ways to remove those junk files and includes some easy steps.

Before starting the scan, you have the possibility to select options and define some rules for the disk cleaning, for example, check those categories of junk files which must be cleaned, customize search options (i.e. you can skip system files and folders or find zero length files, etc.), exclude some files or folders from the search and deletion) and select the desired cleaning options (the program offers three cleaning modes, you can remove all junk files permanently from the hard disk, move junk files to the recycle bin or to a folder).

In addition, the programs allows you to create a restore point and restore deleted files using the Rescue Manager in the event of the system failure on the one hand and apply advanced cleaning options for the cleaning process (just check the desired category, for example, clean Clipboard or Recycle Bin, and so forth).

The cleaning process includes several steps and it is very easy because you are guided by the step by step Wizard which helps you to perform every step safely and easily.

All you need is to select drives or folders to be searched for junk files and then cleaned (after choosing the drive or folder, the program starts scanning and after that displays all found unnecessary files) and remove junk files from the system.

Disk Cleaner 1

Disk Cleaner 4

Disk Cleaner- Advanced Options

Disk Cleaner- Options 4

Registry Cleaner – this program’s module provides you with a powerful and easy to use tool for cleaning invalid and unused entries in the Windows operating system and accelerates the performance and speed of the computer. WinUtilities Pro is able to search and repair the following categories of errors in the registry: ActiveX, OLE, COM sections, system settings, invalid start menus and file associations, etc. The program allows you to select and examine for errors in any area of the Windows registry. Just check the desired category and click Next button.

After checking the registry, the program displays a list of all found problems you have the possibility to remove all of them immediately from the registry (all errors are checked in the program by default) or, before deleting, view the property of the problems, export them as a HTML report file, etc.

Additionally, in the Options Menu you can specify those registry keys which you want to be skipped from the search and create a restore point, i.e. create a backup of the registry which allows you to undo all changes in case of unexpected problems and get back the previous state of the system.

registry Cleaner 2

Registry Cleaner 3

Registry Cleaner- Options

Shortcut Fixer – shortcuts are very useful for any user because they provide quick and easy access to any object, for example, to file, folder, webpage or application. But very often they remain in the system after deleting, replacing or moving them into another location and greatly reduce the system speed because they refer to non-existing files. With this module you can scan the system for the invalid or obsolete shortcuts and remove them. All you need is to select the desired disk, start the scanning and wait for its completion. WinUtilities Pro displays all broken shortcuts that you can immediately remove and accelerate the system performance.

Shortcuts Fixer 3

Uninstall Manager – this module does not offer much as compared with the default Windows tool. It has got practically the same functions. WinUtilities Pro simply displays a list of all installed applications and updates on the system and their publishers, versions and the date of installation. You will not see any additional advanced features like force uninstall, etc. The program simply uninstalls unnecessary applications.

Uninstall Manager 1

The second section is called Optimize and Improve and includes five tools:

Registry Defrag – this is a special utility for defragmenting the Windows registry. The registry, as well as the hard drive, becomes fragmented over time, i.e. speaking, in other words, it is out of order and items are scattered all over the registry. Keeping the Windows registry in order is very essential, more than that, crucial for reliable and smooth functioning of the system because all programs and services on the computer access it thousand times per second. If the registry is fragmented, the system works slowly. With the help of this tool, you have the possibility to defragment the registry, remove old or corrupted entries and significantly speed up the entire system.

Registry Defrag 1

Disk Defrag – it is a well-known fact that disk defragmentation leads to the system slowdown, computer crashes, etc. This tool is specially designed for fast optimization and defragmentation of all your hard drives. After selecting the desired hard disk to defragment, the program analyzes the level of fragmentation in the first phase and then, in the second phase defrags it. WinUtilities Pro will join all fragmented files and fragments together again and greatly increase your computer speed.

In the Options Menu you have the possibility to apply some settings, for example, actions to be performed, files to be excluded, etc.

Disk defrag 2

Memory Optimizer– the program displays memory and CPU usage of the computer in a graphical chart in real time; you can view the percentage of total and available memory, etc. Lack of memory has got a negative impact on the performance and stability of the PC. WinUtilities Pro allows you to speed up the computer by optimizing RAM and CPU usage both automatically and manually.

Memory Optimizer 2

Memory Optimizer 3

Memory Optimizer 5

BHO Remover – BHO is short for Browser Help Objects, i.e. those objects which are designed and created for Internet Explorer to enhance its capabilities. But very often they significantly slow down the operating system and some of them might be dangerous and malicious. WinUtilities Pro helps you to remove them safely from the system.

BHO Remover

StartUp Cleaner – this module of WinUtilities Pro allows you to manage and control the applications and services which launch at the Windows boot. You can not only control them but also edit, delete, disable, export or add a new startup item.

StartUp Manager 1

The third section is called Privacy and Security and consists of five different tools:

History Cleaner – after surfing the Web or using Windows and various installed applications, we leave a lot of traces on the system which can be easily tracked by others. With the help of this tool you can erase all privacy traces in Web Browsers (i.e. cookies, temporary files, typed URLs, etc. All browsers are supported by the program including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.), Windows (i.e. clipboard, recycle bin, Windows temporary files, and so on) and Third-party Applications (for example, Skype call history, Microsoft Office recent file list, etc.).

In addition, WinUtilities Pro allows you to create special free plug-ins for the most popular applications (currently the program supports more than 300 applications such as WinZip, ACDSee, Acrobat, etc.) and clean up all the traces left after using them.

History Cleaner 1

Process Security – this module is analogous to the Windows task manager but additionally it has got some more features. WinUtilities Pro displays full and thorough information about each process and system service of the computer, for example, security level of each process (i.e. is it trustworthy or dangerous), priority, etc. You have the possibility to control each process by applying some settings and configurations.

Process Security 1

EXE Protector – it is a very interesting and, in my opinion, extremely useful tool which allows you to protect executable files with a password. Nobody will be able to run it without entering a correct password.

EXE Protector 2

File Shredder – with the help of this tool you can permanently erase files, folders and recycle bin items and make them inaccessible to others. In the Options Menu you have the possibility to select one of four deletion methods offered by the program- Single Pass, DOD 5223-22M, NSA and Gutmann. Additionally, the program allows you to wash free space of the disk and clean it from remnants of previously deleted files.

File Shredder 1

File Shredder- Options

File Undelete – if you have accidentally deleted files or emptied the recycle bin, you can take full advantage of this tool. It will help you to recover deleted files and restore them.

File Undelete 1

The Fourth section is called Files and Folders and consists of four tools:

Disk Analysis – with the help of tool you can examine the contents of your disk. The program provides you with thorough information about each file type. You can find out which files and folders occupy the most hard disk space, their size, percentage, etc.

Disk Analysis 2

Document Protector – this tool allows you to protect any file, for example, images, videos, documents, etc. with a strong password.

Document Protector 2

Duplicate Files Finder – if you have got a lot of duplicate files and it is difficult for you to search for them manually, you can take full advantage of this tool. After selecting the desired drive and specifying some searching parameters (for example, only some file types or files with the same size, and so on) the program will scan the disk thoroughly and provide you with a full list of all found duplicates. After that you will delete them securely and clean up the disk.

Duplicate Files 3

File Splitter and Joiner – very often you need to split a large file into some smaller parts and afterward rejoin it again. This tool is made just for this purpose. It helps you to split a file by size, numbers or segments and join it by merging several parts into one.

File Splitter 1

The fifth section Registry Tools contains three tools for backing up the Windows registry, searching the registry and the utility for managing the context menu items.

The sixth section System Tools contains tools that allow you to manage Windows settings on the one hand and provide you with thorough information on the computer on the other hand.

1-Click Maintenance – the program allows you to perform and run 1-click maintenance of the system, i.e. carry out the most important task at the same time using all basic components of the program.

Scheduled Tasks – you have the possibility to schedule the most important operations done by the program such as Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, History Cleaner and Disk Defrag and run them automatically at specified time.

scheduled task

System Requirements

Windows 2000 – Windows 8.1

50 MB of free hard disk space

128 MB of RAM


If you want to improve the performance and speed of your computer, you should use WinUtilities Pro without any doubt because it contains a wide range of different tools (more than 20) to improve and tweak your PC’s performance. The program includes various tools for performing a lot of tasks such as disk defragmentation, registry and disk cleaning, file encryption, file shredder and much more.

Thus, the program has got a great range of tools needed to configure and speed up the computer. Not all programs contain such extensive instruments for computer maintenance.



1. More than 20 powerful tools
2. One-click maintenance of the system
And a lot of others


1. Some tools such as Disk Defrag need further development and improvement
2. Inconvenient help files which are not integrated into the program.

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