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WinZip 20 Pro Review

WinZip 20 Pro Review

by November 7, 2015

WinZip 20 Pro Review

Nowadays hard disks are much bigger than, for example, ten years ago, and they hold tons of files. But, anyway, you can take full advantage of a good compression application which will help you to save valuable disk space. WinZip 20 Pro is exactly a program which will help you to save this space. Thanks to a lot of advanced features, it allows you reliably manage all your files and reasonably use your storage resources.

Supported Formats- ZIP, TAR, GZIP, CAB, RAR, etc.

As before, this new version has got a very intuitive and easy to use interface which is designed in the so called ribbon interface and it is consists of several tabs, for example, create and Share, Backup, tools, etc. the main window is divided into three panes- File pane (it displays all the folders of your hard drive and allows you to browse them and add to the program for zipping or unzipping; Zip pane (it displays all archives added to the program; through this pane you can manage your archives and perform different actions with them) and Actions pane (it contains various tools offered by the program, for example, encryption, compression, and so on).

Interface 1

Create an archive- WinZip 20 Pro is an advanced application which allows you to manage archive files easily; you have the possibility to perform various actions, for example, you can add files to the archive from PC or Cloud or share them via email, instant messaging services, and so on.

It is very easy to create an archive with the help of the program; just add any kind of files from PC (using Windows Explorer or drag and drop method) or cloud storage services into the program. Added files will be automatically compressed using ZIP, ZIPX or LHA formats.

WinZip 20 Pro also allows you to burn archives immediately after compression to CD or DVD disks, so you do not need any additional applications to create and record files to the optical media. All you need is to select “New Zip File on CD / DVD”, choose a desired CD or DVD drive, name the archive and specify writing speed (i.e. slowest, medium or fastest). That is all; your created archive will be burned to CD or DVD disk.

Before compressing files, you can apply some optional settings by adding filters, for example, you have the possibility to include some file types into the archive, or, on the contrary, exclude them.

Filter 1

You can not only compress files with the help of WinZip 20 Pro but also convert and protect them. The program offers four advanced tools to perform these tasks; they are as follows- Encrypt, Reduce photos, Convert to PDF and Watermark.

Encrypt- if your archive file contains confidential and sensitive data, you can take full advantage of this very useful tool. It allows you to protect your archive with a strong password using the most advanced and reliable encryption methods, i.e. 256-bit AES, 128-bit AES and Legacy (Zip 2.0).

Encryption Method 2

Reduce Photos- as a rule, it is very difficult to reduce the size of graphic files. But now you can do that thanks to WinZip 20 Pro. The program allows you to reduce photos significantly in size without losing their quality. You can reduce photos down to 640 x 480, 800 x 600, and so on. Currently the program supports the following graphic files- BMP, DIB, EXIF, JPG, PNG and TIF.

Reduce Photos 2

Convert to PDF- if you want to convert some types of files to PDF during compression, you do not need any third-party application for that. WinZip 20 Pro allows you to convert those files to PDF automatically while creating the archive. The program supports the following file types- DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, CCITT, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, EMF, EXIF, ICON and WMF.

In addition, you have the possibility to take up some options, for example, you can remove Word comments or markup on the one hand and adjust resolution and JPG quality on the other hand.

PDF Conversion 2

Watermark- watermarks are an ideal solution to protect your photos against unauthorized use and distribution. WinZip 20 Pro allows you to apply watermarks to them. The following file types are supported by the program- BMP, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG and TIF.

In addition, you can specify placement, direction and transparency of the watermark and enter the desired text.

Watermark 3

Share an archive- after creating your archive, you can share it among your friends and relatives using different online services. WinZip 20 Pro allows you to share archives via an email account as an attachment (simply specify the name, address and used email service, for example, Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook; you have the possibility to add a new email service too if it is not listed in the drop-down menu of the program), use social media websites (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter) or instant messaging services (i.e. Hangouts, Yahoo! Messenger, Jabber, Twitter, and Office365 Groups).

Mail 3

Social Media 1

Messaging Services 1

In addition, you can also upload to the cloud storage service websites. WinZip 20 Pro currently supports the following cloud services- ZipShare, Box, CloudMe, Dropbox, Google drive, MediaFire, OneDrive and SugarSync. Uploading to the FTP server is also possible.

WinZip 20 Pro also allows you to share your archives using a special WinZip Express mode. All you need is to specify some options, i.e. compression type, encryption, conversion, etc.

Zip and Share 1

In this new version the developers have added two new features- Snap and Share and Scan and Share. The first feature allows you to add and compress the images from a camera connected to the computer at the same time; and the second one allows you to scan documents and then compress them. After adding the images and scanning the documents, you have the possibility to share your files using email servers, cloud, social media and instant messaging.

Tools- WinZip 20 Pro offers some very useful tools which allow you to perform some additional actions with archived files. They are as follows:

Multi-part Zip File- you have created a new archive and you want to burn it to the CD or DVD disk, but, unfortunately, this zipped file exceeds the size of CD or DVD? You want to share your archives via email services but their size is very big and you cannot send them as attachments? These and a lot of other problems can be easily solved with the help of WinZip 20 Pro and its great feature which allows you to split one large archive into several smaller parts and then join them together after unzipping.

You have the possibility to split your archive using different sizes offered by the program, for example, 5 MB, 650 MB (used for CD-ROM), 4700 MB (used for DVD-ROM), and so on, or customize the desired size manually.

Self-Extracting EXE- creation of self-extracting archives is a very convenient way to upload or share files to the Internet and among your friends. The main advantage of this archive is that there is no need to have any compression and un-compression application to extract and view it. All you need is to run an archive and extract every file that is in it.

UUEncoded File- this feature is specially designed to send zipped files using those email services which do not support binary files. This tool allows you to create a UUEncoded files and easily transfer them via email.

Comments- if you want to add some comments to the existing zipped file, you can easily do that using this tool which allows you to add useful and important comments about the contents of the archive, and so on.

In addition, WinZip 20 Pro lets you select the desired font, font style and size.


Properties- with the help of this tool you can get detailed info about the zipped file, for example, its type, size, compression ratio, used compression and encryption methods, etc.


Diagnostics- after creating and before sharing archives, you can check them for errors. The program will test every file and give you detailed info. Displayed details can be saved too.


Unzip and Try- you are not sure that the archive downloaded from the Internet is free from viruses and you are scared of opening it? If it is so, you can take full advantage of this great feature of WinZip 20 Pro. It allows you to extract the contents of the archived files to the specified folder and try them before unzipping.

Unzip and Install- you have just downloaded a new application from the Internet and you do not know if it is safe or not? Do not worry! With the help of this feature you can unzip the installation file to the temporary and run the unzipped setup file. Thanks to this feature you can test all applications safely before installing them.

Unzip and try 1

Backup- it is very important to back up all your archived files; fortunately, WinZip 20 Pro offers this function. This process is very easy and requires only a few simple steps. All you need is to specify the items to be zipped (you can add files from the local computer or cloud), choose the type of job (for example, full data backup, incremental or differential data backup, and so on) and configure some additional options (for example, encryption, compression method, etc.).

In addition, you have the possibility to schedule the backup and run it at specified time.

The created backup can be immediately sent by email, shared to social networking websites or uploaded to the cloud or FTP server.

Backup 1

Backup 3

Backup 4

Backup 6

What is new in WinZip 20 Pro?

More sharing options

Scan and Share

Snap and Share

More robust file management


Job wizard super picker.

System requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

Internet Explorer 8 or later

Microsoft. Net Framework 3.5 or later.


WinZip 20 Pro is one of the best and popular compression programs on the software market. No other applications offer such a wide range of features and tools for working with archives as it does.

With the help of WinZip 20 Pro you can significantly save time and disk space that helps you to work faster and more efficiently.

The program supports all known popular archive formats including ZIP, RAR. 7ZIP, and so on.

WinZip 20 Pro includes a lot of different advanced features which allow you, for example, to convert files to PDF format, reduce the size of photos, add watermarks to files, encrypt archives with a password, back up important documents, and so on.

WinZip 20 Pro also allows you to share your archives using email services, cloud and FTP servers and popular social networking and messaging websites.

WinZip 20 Pro is still a comprehensive gold standard for creating and managing any kind of archives.


1. Full support for all known compression formats.
2. A lot of different tools.
3. you can share and back up archives
And so on.


I have not found any.

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