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Xbox app for Windows 10 can now record game footage and take screenshots

Xbox app for Windows 10 can now record game footage and take screenshots

by AshwinApril 24, 2015

Microsoft has announced a new update for its Xbox app on Windows 10 and Xbox One.


The Windows 10 app gets a Game DVR for PC Games.

(DVR = Digital Video Recorder)

Recording video clips and sharing them on video services like YouTube isn’t something new. It has been a popular trend, especially amongst gamers and game reviewers. The most popular video-game recording app is Fraps.

But it isn’t the only app with the feature, even Steam allows recording videos, and capturing screenshots. Some games even come with such a feature built-in. An example for this is the recently released sandbox game GTA V for PC, which has a Rockstar editor. It is exclusive to the PC version of the game.

Users will be able to use the Xbox app to record footage of the video games they play on Windows 10.  The app has a Game bar, which is used for capturing videos. It can save up to 30 seconds of gameplay. You can choose the maximum length of recordings from the app’s settings, and a few other options are available directly from the Game bar.

Settings are available for background recording, video and audio quality.


You can record videos by using the keyboard shortcut “Windows + G”, to bring up the Game bar and then clicking on the “Record That” button, or begin recording directly pressing the key combo “Windows + Alt + G”. Likewise, you can stop recording by hitting the “Record” button, or by using the key combo “Windows + Alt + R”



The Xbox app for Windows 10 also allows you take in-game screenshots. PC Gamer notes that it is unlike the single hotkey to capture a screenshop, as used in Fraps and Steam. Instead, the Xbox app requires the user to press not one but 3 keys to take a snap of the screen: “Windows + Alt + Print Scr”. You can capture the screen from the Game bar’s “Screenshot button”.

The new Xbox app for Windows 10 comes with built-in drivers for your Xbox controller. Other additions to the Xbox app includes Live Tiles to display your gamerpic, an Avatar App to customize your Xbox avatar, User Profiles for , Real Name Sharing and more. Read the full list at the announcement.

The app will be updated to work on the recently launched Windows 10 10066 build and future versions. The Xbox app will auto update to the April preview version (4.4.9014.0 or higher) when it is rolled out to the Windows Store.

On a sidenote, Microsoft recently slashed the price of the Xbox One in the UK from £329.99 to £299.99 (around $439).