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Yahoo Mail Contact Cards now displays contact info from LinkedIn & Twitter

Yahoo Mail Contact Cards now displays contact info from LinkedIn & Twitter

by AshwinApril 20, 2015

Yahoo released a new feature called Contact Cards, to Yahoo Mail, last month.


The company continues to improve it’s email service, which debuted way back in 1997.

Yahoo Mail Contact Cards is like a caller id for email. When you compose an email or receive one, just hover your mouse cursor over the sender/recipient’s name, and you will see some relevant contact information about the person. This also works in emails which have more than one recipient, i.e group emails.

The information displayed, includes a photo (or company logo), a phone number, a job title, and links to the person’s social accounts (Facebook, Flickr). Yahoo has implied Xobni technology, to gather these contact information from your address book and also from their profiles on Facebook and Flickr.

This will save precious time, which may otherwise have been wasted, by looking over an addressbook or reading countless emails to look up particular contact information.

You can click on the cards to search for emails from the contact, write them a new email, add the contact to your address book, edit the contact information, and also visit their social profiles.

So Contact Cards is a one stop solution for managing, editing and quickly getting in touch with your contacts.

And now, Yahoo has announced that the Contact Cards just got better with the integration of profiles from the popular microblogging website, Twitter and the social network for professionals, LinkedIn.

Yahoo Mail Contact Cards will now display up-to-date information about the company, job title, using the information it gets from LinkedIn database. Searching for a contact in Yahoo Mail, will now display the contact’s recent tweets, in the search results.


You will need to connect your Yahoo account with the social network accounts to access these features. You can do so by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of Yahoo Mail, and navigating to Settings > Accounts > Connect, and choose the profile you want to connect your Yahoo account to.


Sadly this comes with a catch. LinkedIn and Twitter for Contact Cards is only available for desktop users in the U.S. There is no ETA on when it Yahoo will roll out the new feature for global users. However, you can use Contact Cards with Facebook and Flickr anywhere in the World.

Yahoo recently amended its search partnership with Microsoft, which now gives it more freedom in the way it displays results and ads.