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Yahoo Mail gets improved search features for auto-complete, sorting options, attachment and link indexing, and more

Yahoo Mail gets improved search features for auto-complete, sorting options, attachment and link indexing, and more

by AshwinAugust 6, 2015

Yahoo has improved its Mail service, by adding new search features.

The company’s Senior VP for Communications Products, Jeff Bonforte, highlighted the importance of Mail search in an interview the New York Times.

He said that emails contain important data such as photos, conversations, docs, etc, and they add up to form a great memory service. But because Mail search is broken you often end up viewing a huge list of emails, which contain the keyword you searched for, making navigation through the endless list of mails, a rather cumbersome task.

Auto-Complete in Yahoo Mail Search:

This is the problem that Yahoo has set out to tackle, with the new search options. Yahoo Mail now offers auto-complete options for the keyword, that you are typing in the search box.

This works when you begin typing the name of a contact or company, which will trigger Yahoo Mail’s auto-complete suggestions to form a search term.

Yahoo states an example of this. If you search for an email about “American¬† Airlines”, you will be able to limit the search results to just display emails which contain both the words.

Attachment and Link Indexing in Yahoo Mail:

Auto-complete isn’t the sole new feature in this server side update, Yahoo Mail will now index attachments and links from emails too. So, when you search for a photo related query, the search results will show the images itself, instead of just listing the email which contains the picture as an attachment.

Sort results in Yahoo Mail Search:

Another super cool feature of Yahoo Mail’s new search powers is the ability to sort search results by relevance, most recent or oldest, or messages with attachments. This will be handy, especially the ability to narrow down your search to just show messages in a particular time-frame.

Additionally Yahoo Mail will now display the profile information of your contacts, if you link your Mail account to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

These are by no means superior web technologies, but they will definitely be of importance to help Yahoo Mail to retain users, in a competitive world which is mostly dominated by Gmail. Speaking of which, even Google’s mail service does not have great search filters. Though it does support auto-complete. All it does is list all emails which contain the search terms, in a list sorted with the most recent ones displayed first.

Recently Yahoo Mail added the ability to attach Photos, Files, GIFs and Links to emails easily. by introducing a + button to the compose window.