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Yahoo Mail on Firefox Share allows you to share web pages quickly

Yahoo Mail on Firefox Share allows you to share web pages quickly

by AshwinJuly 2, 2015

Yahoo has announced a new feature for its Mail service.

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user, you may be aware of the Firefox Share option.

It is a button, which allows you to send web links to various services of your choice. Yahoo Mail now supports Firefox Share, and it has some useful features too. You can share a webpage’s link to any user’s email address, even yourself. This will act kind of like a bookmark, which you can read at leisure. The best part is you do not have to copy a link and paste it into your email’s compose window.

How to Share a webpage using Yahoo Mail on Firefox Share

This is pretty obvious, but I will state them anyway. The feature has two pre-requisites.

A Yahoo account
Mozilla Firefox browser on your PC

1. First head to this page to activate the service in Firefox on your PC. Click on the “Activate Now” button to add Yahoo Mail to your browser’s list of services.

2. This will prompt Firefox top display a pop-up message below the address bar. It will ask you if you wish to allow access to Yahoo Services. Do so, and proceed to the next step.


3. It should take you to a new page on Yahoo, which will say “Congratulations, Yahoo Mail is now activated in Firefox!”

4. Now, log in to your Yahoo account.

5. Go to any webpage you wish to share¬† and click on the “Firefox Share” button, which resembles a Paper Airplane.


6. It should display a pop up window which resembles the one above. Select the Yahoo Mail icon in the top right corner, (if you have more than one service enabled for Firefox Share).

7. As you can see from the image, the generated message contains the Title of the page, the URL, A Snippet and a thumbnail preview of the webpage. It will display your Yahoo id in the sender’s address box. You can click on it to select the id you wish to use.

8. Now, in the “To” address box, type in the recipient’s email address and click on the send button. It will display a confirmation message when the email has been sent and the pop-up window should automatically close.

If you wish to remove Yahoo from Firefox Share,  navigate to the Menu > Addons > Services or just open about:addons in a new Firefox tab. You can disable or remove any service from the addons page.