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Yahoo Screen video streaming website has been shut down

Yahoo Screen video streaming website has been shut down

by AshwinJanuary 5, 2016

Yahoo has shut down its video streaming website, Screen, permanently.

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In case you weren’t aware the website offered TV shows, movies, webisodes, which users could watch on demand.

It was launched around 9 years ago, in 2006, as a video sharing website, to compete with a certain someone, called YouTube. It lasted a good 4 years, before Yahoo prevented uploading videos in late 2010. A year later, Yahoo Screen was revamped as a video streaming website.

Yahoo has been going downhill for years now. It probably began about the time Yahoo Screen made its debut, which ironically is when the Sunnyvale company, lost a huge chunk of its search engine usage shares to the emerging competitor, Microsoft Bing. Ever since then, Yahoo has been struggling to compete with rival services, with perhaps Yahoo Mail, being the one tiny ray of hope, which to be honest hasn’t been popular for a decade or so, since Gmail arrived on the Scene.

The same can be said about Yahoo Screen as well. In fact when NetFlix and Hulu started picking up pace, Yahoo Screen was literally knocked off the market, save for a few original shows, TV shows and sports streams helping it to survive. That ended last week, as Yahoo declared that it’s coffers had taken a hit with its original shows performing badly.

As a result it decided to write-off Yahoo Screen in a $42 write-off on its video asset, despite the video portal having over 15 Million audience.

Unfortunately, none of the videos formerly hosted at Yahoo Screen are available anymore, at least not directly. The New York Times, reports that any search query for videos on the Yahoo Search are now being redirected to other websites.

This doesn’t mean the end for Yahoo videos. A company spokesperson, Arunav Sinha, said that Yahoo was focusing on its other services. This is what he said:

“We are better off promoting one destination like Yahoo Music than different destinations for music,”

He also said that users can still, with a bit of effort, find the videos buried deeply within the company’s other services. This includes the mobile apps which it offers, and also in Yahoo’s digital magazines. The move to shut down Screen, was not done in one day, the company had been planning it for months, as it was previously reported to have cut down resources for the service for quite a long time.

Hopefully it will continue to improve its other services.