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YouTube local versions now available in more European Countries

YouTube local versions now available in more European Countries

by AshwinOctober 12, 2015

YouTube has officially announced that its global versions has now expanded to support various European countries.


These are the new countries which will have a local version of YouTube.

  • The Baltics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania)
  • The Adriatics (regions in Italy, Croatia)
  • Bulgaria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Local versions of YouTube are region specific, and often have their own country specific domain such as,, or These domain extensions, merely redirect to the main YouTube website, but use the user’s geo-location (network location based) to feature their local content on the site.

These additions means that the popular video sharing service, now has local versions in 85 countries. That is quite an accomplishment for YouTube. Google states that U.S YouTube viewers, accounts for 20% of its daily web traffic. So, the rest of the 80%, its major markets, are other Countries, which is why the video sharing wevsite wants to expand support for.

It is generally known that YouTube never announces its viewer count, i.e., the statistics of how many viewers visit the website. But for once, YouTube revealed that it recieves billions of visitors from non-US countries, every day. The Google owned video sharing website also says that by launching local versions of YouTube, it will make more relevant videos to be displayed for the user.

What exactly changes now for YouTube viewers in the newly supported list of Countries?

Well, if you happen to live in one of the countries mentioned in the announcement post, you will now local videos featured on the website’s homepage and in its recommended videos as well. So, videos made by people from your Country will be featured more often, for your convenience.

YouTube content creators have more reason to celebrate. Vloggers and uploaders from the aforementioned countries, are now elegibile to join the YouTube partner program, which allows them to monetize their videos, i.e., you can now earn money from your YouTube channel. That’s not all, it also grants access to the YouTube Creator Academy, which will teach the uploader how to effeciently make and post videos, as well as to hang around with other uploaders in the Creator Community.

Uploaders from the mentioned Countries, have been posting their videos on the general YouTube website for years, and have enjoyed massive userbases. In fact, some of the channels boast subscriptions ranging in 400,000 or more. But now, this number could grow to an even higher count, thanks to the local versions of YouTube.