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YouTube to celebrate its 10th birthday by showcasing its most popular videos

YouTube to celebrate its 10th birthday by showcasing its most popular videos

by AshwinMay 1, 2015

The World’s most popular video sharing website, YouTube turned 10 years old, just about a week ago.


We covered this in an elaborate post, in which we mentioned the first ever video uploaded to the website, in 2005.

YouTube made its fledgling appearance in beta form in May 2005, before hitting public availability six months later, after it was acquired by Google. The video sharing service boasts over one billion users a month. Gizmodo says that YouTube has over 300 hours of content being uploaded to it every minute.

There are tons of videos which have transformed their makers into stars, while the videos themselves are adored as classics on the website.

YouTube has announced that it is celebrating its 10th birthday in a very different way…..with videos. It has announced that it will be featuring its most popular videos on a special blog called YouTube Trends.

But yes there is something different to it actually. YouTube will feature a list of its hand picked videos that were the most popular  on the service, since it came into existence. The list will be featured with one video a day for the next 26 days. Notice the tag-line “A letter a day, throughout May” in the picture above?  The list will literally be A to Z. As to why it is  doing so alphabetically?, we have no clue.  Wouldn’t a chronological order be a better way?

Some interesting facts about YouTube videos:

Did you know that only two YouTube videos have ever reached the “one billion views” milestone?

The first video to reach  the landmark was Gangnam Style, featuring South Korean singer, Psy. It was also the fastest to reach the milestone, in just 160 days. It went on to make history as the first video to reach two billion views, 527 days after it hit one billion views. The video currently has about 2.3 Billion views since its debut three years ago (15 July,2012).

The second video to hit One billion views was Baby, by Justin Beiber, which was also the second channel to reach one billion views. It was released in 2010, two years before Gangnam Style, yet it has just 1.1 Billion views, less than half of the number of views of Psy’s sensational video. It took 1,474 days for Beiber’s video to cross 1 Billion views, that is just over 4 years.

The first YouTube Channel to reach a landmark one billion views was Lady Gaga’s channel.

Turkish channel, netd müzik, was the first to reach one billion views, while Eurovision Song Contest is the most recent one to hit one billion views, and was the snail-paced one (slowest) to do so.