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Zemana AntiLogger Review

Zemana AntiLogger Review

by June 24, 2015

Zemana AntiLogger Review

Are you sure that you have done everything to protect your computer against viruses and other malicious software? You have got a reliable antivirus and firewall program? But is it enough for complete and full protection of the system? What about keyloggers, webcamloggers, etc.? Do you have any protection against them? It is a well-known fact that they are very dangerous and can easily steal your passwords, user names, credit card numbers, security codes, as well as your personal correspondence with friends or partners, etc. But, fortunately, there is a solution and its name is Zemana AntiLogger.

Zemana AntiLogger, unlike traditional antivirus and antispyware programs which use virus signatures to determine malicious activity, offers proactive protection against spyware threats based on behavioral analysis of running programs. Thus, Zemana AntiLogger can cope with both known and new unknown threats without using signature database. If someone tries to record your keystrokes in order to steal your passwords and sensitive information or attempts to access your system, Zemana AntiLogger detects and stops these actions thanks to cloud technology module IntelliGuard, the program blocks malicious software and keeps the system safe and free from malware.

Zemana AntiLogger is a powerful, effective and easy to use program for blocking hackers. It detects any attempt to change the settings of your computer, record your activity, etc. This is a very popular and well-known program which uses a unique behavioral technology for detection and removal of any malicious software. Of course, Zemana AntiLogger cannot replace your installed antivirus, but it adds an extra level of security by working together with the existing antivirus software.

Download and Installation

The trial version of Zemana AntiLogger is available for download from the official Zemana website and is just 14 MB in size and compatible for both 32 and 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system.

The program comes in two different versions – Free and Pro. If you do not have enough money to buy the Pro version, you can take full advantage of the Free one. It includes reliable and powerful protection against keyloggers, data theft and secure connection intruders, but lacks some other Pro features such as protection of other input devices on the one hand and cloud powered autopilot mode based on the unique IntelliGuard method which allows you to block any suspicious activities in real-time on the other hand. It is up to you which version is the most suitable for you.

Before buying the full version (its current price is $29.95 for a one-year subscription).  You also have the possibility to try the program for 15 days. Zemana AntiLogger is multilingual and supports 30 languages.

The installation procedure of the program is very easy and requires only three simple clicks of the mouse. All you need is to select the preferred language for the installation then accept the End User License Agreement and choose the destination folder for installing all necessary components and finally click the Next button to begin the configuration process.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 4

Installation 7

The Interface of the Program

The user interface of Zemana AntiLogger looks really pleasing and extremely simple. It contains nothing unwanted and unnecessary and you will not see extra buttons and tabs. The main advantage of the program is its simplicity. It offers only some tools and several settings which are needed for reliable protection of the system.

At the top of the main window is displayed the protection status of the operating system on the left and three buttons for accessing the settings and help files of the program on the right.

The main window of Zemana AntiLogger is divided into two panes – Tools pane on the left and Action pane on the right.

Tools pane is divided into three groups – Protection Console (it contains five different tools for protecting the system against keyloggers, screenloggers, webcamloggers, and clipboardloggers). Management Console (it contains three tools for controlling and managing program’s rules, quarantine, and logs) and Services (it contains information about the current license type, expiration date, etc. and the buttons for checking updates or contacting the support team.

Settings Menu is divided into 7 tabs and allows you to configure some settings and options of Zemana AntiLogger.

The Main Interface

The Main Features of the Program

Zemana AntiLogger is a set of security and protection tools that protect the computer from various malicious programs such as viruses, spyware and trojans on the one hand and allow you to eliminate threat posed by keyloggers, webcamloggers, etc.

Zemana AntiLogger has got five different modules for protecting your system from hacking attacks. They are as follows:

Anti-Keylogger – keyloggers are one of the most dangerous viruses, so priority attention should be given to them in order to keep the system clean. It is a fact that the keyloggers belong to a special type of computer malware which try to steal your personal information by recording any symbol, letter or number entered via a keyboard, for example, passwords and logins on social networks, bank account and credit card numbers, and so on. Practically everything may come to the criminal’s hand and be used by them illegally.

The majority of security programs cannot detect and disinfect keyloggers timely. Fortunately, Zemana AntiLogger is an exception of this rule as it detects all known and even unknown keyloggers and prevents them from collecting personal information and permanently disinfects them.

Zemana AntiLogger uses an advanced behavioral algorithm for defending the system from the keyloggers and reliably detects and blocks any attempt to record keystrokes on your keyboard.


Anti-ScreenLogger provides proactive protection against screenloggers, i.e. those malicious programs which attempts to take snapshots of your screen. This component of the program is able to detect all known screenloggers and defend your computer. Thanks to this feature you can securely perform online bank operations with your credit cards or enter confidential data using onscreen keyboards, etc.


Anti-WebcamLogger – it needs no saying that all of us like to chat with friends online using webcams, but I am more than sure that nobody likes to be watched and spied by hackers. This module detects and blocks any attempts to monitor and record your online video conversation secretly in real time.


Anti-ClipboardLogger – every minute, more than that, every second you copy various documents and transfer and paste them. The operating system monitors every copy-paste operations and they will be easily obtained by hackers. This module finds all kinds of clipboardloggers which are specially designed to record everything that you copy to the clipboard including user names, passwords, personal information, and so on.


System Defence – this module is specially created for protecting the most sensitive areas of your computer, for example, Windows registry, RAM, etc., against malicious codes which can infect the system and seize control of your PC. Zemana AntiLogger protects you against all these threats and keeps in safety the most vulnerable system components.

System Defence

Zemana IntelliGuard Cloud – it is a special module of the program which offers cloud-based protection from unknown threats in real time. Zemana AntiLogger automatically detects and blocks any suspicious file and uploads them to the Zemana Cloud for identifying their safety.

Management Console – in this section you can change any created rule and create another one, manage and control found suspicious objects detected and quarantined by Zemana AntiLogger and view and save record logs.

Management Console




Settings – Settings menu allows you to configure some operational rules of Zemana AntiLogger, for example, you can specify security and update settings, change proxy or create a supervisor password to protect the program from unauthorized access and modifications, etc.

Settings 1

Settings 2

Settings 6

Settings 7

System Requirements

Windows XP – Windows 8.1

Intel Pentium 300 MHz or better

At least 256 MB of RAM

50 MB of free hard disk space

Internet connection for registering and updating the program.


Zemana AntiLogger provides full security of your computer thanks to modern and powerful protection against the latest and even unknown malicious programs. Zemana AntiLogger does not use virus signature updates and file scanning like traditional antivirus programs. Its unique technology detects malicious programs before they can steal your sensitive and confidential data or damage the computer. Zemana AntiLogger eliminates threats from keyloggers, SSL (short for Secure Socket Layer) bank trojans, spyware, and so on.

Zemana AntiLogger is compatible with other antivirus programs (i.e. you can run it with other installed antivirus without any issue), but it is not intended for replacing the installed antivirus and spyware programs; it simply serves to detect those serious threats which other security products may miss. You can use Zemana AntiLogger as an important and additional layer of security and greatly increase the system protection.

So, if you have already decided to download and install Zemana AntiLogger, you will get a quite powerful and useful tool that is able to protect your computer from all kinds of malicious software, including keyloggers, screenloggers, webcamloggers and clipboardloggers.

Zemana AntiLogger does offer a useful additional layer of protection from keyloggers to your main antivirus, and if you do not use other methods of protection (for example, virtual keyboard, etc.), you will install it on your PC for sure.



1. It provides an effective and reliable protection against all kind of loggers
2. It uses a special innovative technology IntelliGuard Cloud for detecting unknown threats
And many others


1. It is not compatible with some of antivirus applications
2. Trial version is available for testing only for 15 days.

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