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Zenmate Coupons & Promo Codes 2019 – 82% OFF

Zenmate Coupons & Promo Codes 2019 – 82% OFF

by FileCriticOctober 17, 2019

Best Zenmate VPN Coupons & Promo Codes. Up to 82% OFF Zenmate VPN Discount.

There are numerous VPN solutions out there that you can subscribe to. Some of them are good, but some of them are downright awful. Yet there are a handful that really excel at what they offer, and Zenmate VPN falls squarely into that camp.

82% OFF Zenmate VPN Discount Coupon

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There are multiple reasons as to why. Straight off the bat, Zenmate VPN originates from Germany, where privacy laws are the strictest. Which means that the team behind Zenmate VPN really knows their stuff when it comes to preserving your identity while you are connected online. And even better, Zenmate VPN also lets you easily bypass censored content while making geo-restrictions moot. Let’s check out what this phenomenal VPN solution has to offer in more detail.

One-Click Connectivity

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One of the best things about Zenmate VPN is the ease of connectivity that it brings to the table. Forget having to wade through complex operating system menus or router settings to set up your VPN connection. Instead, just use the nifty Zenmate VPN applet provided, and you can immediately establish your VPN connection with as simple as a single click. By default, Zenmate VPN will connect to the VPN server closest to you based on criteria such as ping and latency. But you can also choose to manually determine the exact server to connect to should you want to — all that takes is a couple of extra clicks. Very useful when you want to seamlessly access geo-restricted forms of content from around the globe.

Multiple Servers to Choose From

When it comes to geo-restricted content, it’s vital for a VPN solution to provide servers to connect to in multiple locations around the world. And as a matter of fact, that’s one of Zenmate VPN’s biggest strengths. Whether it’s the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australasia, you can find multiple servers in various countries to connect to easily. To make things even better, Zenmate VPN features some of the fastest VPN servers in business, which means that you can enjoy outstanding connectivity without being hampered by adverse latencies or other performance-related issues. Even when performing intensive tasks such as streaming HD videos or downloading huge files, things often take place with minimal issues.

Encrypts Your Data

Another major benefit to using a VPN solution is for the additional security that it brings to the table. Often, unscrupulous individuals, sketchy websites, oppressive governments, and even your own ISP can steal your information with little effort. But not when you use Zenmate VPN. As soon as you establish a connection to a Zenmate VPN server, both incoming and outgoing traffic are fully encrypted using the toughest algorithms in the industry. Even when you surf on an otherwise unprotected public Wi-Fi network, no one should be able to steal your information. Furthermore, your IP address will be masked with an IP address assigned to you by a Zenmate VPN server, so no one should be able to even identify you in the first place.

Doesn’t Log Your Data

Zenmate VPN has been built with extreme privacy in mind. Unlike certain shady VPN solutions, Zenmate VPN never keeps logs of your activities no matter what you do. If you are from a country ruled by an oppressive regime, for example, the fact that Zenmate VPN doesn’t keep any logs of their client activities should bring a lot of peace to your mind. Even in the event that Zenmate VPN is requested to hand over information about their clients, there’s nothing to be concerned about since they don’t hold any in the first place.

Available for Desktop and Mobile

Zenmate VPN is among the few truly multi-platform VPN solutions out there. Whether you are using a Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS-based device, Zenmate VPN works across all your devices without breaking a sweat. And unlike certain other ‘multi-platform’ VPNs, Zenmate doesn’t curtail its functionalities on specific platforms either. Expect the same level of seamless connectivity, server availability, and outstanding performance no matter what device it is that you plan to use the service on. And for those of you out there who only want the VPN to function at the browser-level, you can also do that. Simply install the Zenmate VPN extension for your browser of choice, and you are good to go.

Connect Up to Five Devices

Zenmate VPN supports multiple platforms. But that doesn’t mean that you must purchase separate subscriptions for all your devices. Rather shockingly, a single subscription entitles you to use Zenmate VPN on up to five separate devices, regardless of platform, simultaneously. Which means that you can have pretty much all of your devices secured using Zenmate VPN at all times. If you value absolute privacy and complete freedom of the internet on each and every device that you use, Zenmate VPN provides the most bang for your buck.

Less Restrictions – More Protection

Zenmate VPN has a plethora of strong points working in its favor. Whether it’s the seamless connectivity capabilities that it brings to the table, the plethora of VPN servers that it provides you with access to, or the unprecedented level of privacy that it offers, you don’t often see a VPN solution with the versatility of Zenmate VPN. And the ability to use it on pretty much any platform, and on multiple devices simultaneously for that matter, only serves to elevate this phenomenal VPN solution to dizzying heights. Subscribe to Zenmate VPN today and deal with a less restrictive internet while preserving your privacy at the same time.