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Zoner Photo Studio 18 Pro Review

Zoner Photo Studio 18 Pro Review

by October 14, 2015

Zoner Photo Studio 18 Pro Review.

Zoner Photo Studio 18 Pro is a very effective and advanced program for organizing, managing and editing your photos and therefore the interface of the program is conveniently divided into three sections- Manager (it is used to organize and manage your photo collection, and so on), Develop (it is used for non-destructive photo editing) and Editor (it includes various tools for editing your photos). Thanks to a very convenient user interface, you can easily switch among sections with the help of navigation buttons that are located on the right side of the program.  Each section has got its own interface and offers different tools according to the performed tasks.

Manager interface

Manager section consists of the Menu Bar which includes seven buttons with drop-down menus- Acquire, Edit, Information, Organize, Create, publish and View.

The main window is divided into three parts; on the left there is a Navigator pane which is divided into five sections- Favorites (it includes your favourite photos and provides access to them; you can easily add any photo to the favourite section simply dragging and dropping them from the Browser pane), Catalog (it includes all the photos added to the program and it is organized according to Folder, Calendar and Keyword view), Zonerama (it displays all your photo albums uploaded to the Zonerama, i.e. to the special Zoner website which allows you to upload and store your photos online), This PC (it provides access to the computer and any device connected to it for viewing and adding photos to the program) and Network (it displays the folders stored on your local network).

Navigator panew 2

On the right side of the window there is an Information pane which displays a histogram of the currently previewed picture on the one hand and detailed info about the photo on the other hand. You can get thorough details about any photo, i.e. its name, size, the date of creation or modification, dimensions, compression level, etc., and add rating, label, description, copyright and author info, and a lot of others.

Information Pane

In addition, in the Information Display Settings, you can customize and configure some details, for example, change info or add new details.

Image Information 2

In the center of the program’s window there is a Preview pane which displays the currently selected picture. The program offers different display modes, for example, Browser, Map, Compare, etc., so you have the possibility to select the most convenient way to view your photos.

Preview Pane

In the Manager section Zoner Photo Studio 18 allows you to import photos into the program; you can import photos from cameras, memory cards, USB sticks, etc., scanners (you have the possibility to open the scanned document immediately after scanning or save it to the hard disk by specifying its format, for example, JPEG, BMP, PNG, etc. and applying some options, for example, quality, color depth, conversion method, etc.) or as PDF file (by specifying some PDF export parameters, for example, title, subject, ZIP compression method, JPEG quality, etc.).

With the help of Zoner Photo Studio 18 you can also import photos from clipboard and screenshot (by specifying in the settings some options, for example, mouse cursor, background color, graphic formats, and so on), extract bitmap pictures from PDF files and JPEG photos from a file.

The Information menu button contains various options for importing, managing or adding some info to the photo. Zoner Photo Studio 18 allows you to generate a list of files in the currently viewed folder as a text document or HTML table and save it on the computer; manage photo info, i.e. you can create EXIF backup, remove EXIF data, add EXIF preview, etc.; add audio note (only WAV audio format is supported by the program), digital signature, rating, label, and so on.

Audion Note

Digital Signature 2

With the help of Zoner Photo Studio 18 you can thorough information about the image on the one hand and add some useful details (for example, title, author, copyright, image origins, i.e. location, city, country, and so on) on the other hand.

In addition, the Information menu button offers two very useful functions- Batch edit EXIF and Search and Replace; the first of them allows you to change photo info in batch mode, i.e. edit multiple photos simultaneously, and the second one find and replace some text details of the photos, for example, title, author, label, and so on.

Batch EXIF editing 1

The Organize menu button offers various options for organizing and sorting photos. Zoner Photo Studio 18 allows you to perform basic operations with the photo files, namely, you can cut, copy, paste, rename, delete images on the one hand and sort them by name, rating, modification date, etc. on the other hand.

Zoner Photo Studio 18 also includes two very useful tools, namely, Filter and Search; the Filter tool allows you to browse only for specific photo files and filter them by date, size, notes, keywords, etc.; the Search tool helps you to search for some specific files by specifying their names, size, and so on.

In addition, you have the possibility to organize your favorite folders, i.e. those folders which contain your favourite photos.


Search and Replace

The Organize menu button also offers several very useful tools for renaming photos in batch mode, sorting pictures according to one of three sorting methods, synchronize folders by comparing their contents and finding duplicate photo files.

The Create menu button contains several functions and allows you to create Video slideshows (you have the possibility to specify some photo options, for example, resolution, quality, FPS and background color; add Music (the program supports the following audio formats- MP3, WAV and AAC; Transition Effects, for example, fade-in, slide to left, etc.); Panorama Photos (i.e. photos made from multiple pictures and combined in one large photo); 3D Images (i.e. several photos which are made from different angles and joined together for creating stereo effect. The program allows you to select 3D image type (Anaglyph, MPO and JPS / PNS), Anaglyph type (Black-and-white, color, half-color or optimized), edit shared points of the photos and color channel level); HDR via Exposure blending and Tone mapping (i.e. HDR (High Dynamic Range Rendering) photos by using above mentioned techniques. The program offers various settings for HDR editing, for example, you can specify intensity or mask blurring of light and shadow, brightness, contrast, saturation, compression, etc.); Postcards (the program has a lot of templates for placing your photos on postcards. You can choose as many photos as you wish; Zoner Photo Studio will automatically arrange them. You can specify some settings- postcard width or height, border width or color, etc.); PDF Slideshow (i.e. create a PDF file from photos and use it as a simple slideshow. You can set a soundtrack to PDF slideshow, select transition effect for each photo (for example, fade-in, slide effect, etc.) and customize some export parameters (title, subject, image compression, JPEG quality, etc.). Additionally program has got a Multi-exposure module which allows you to remove noise or moving objects from photos and align pictures).

Video Slideshow


The Publish menu button includes several tools for printing and publishing your photos, uploading them to Zonerama or sending by email. With the help of these tools you can print or publish your photos using different print and export types, for example, you can select the following document types- Templates, Contact Sheets, Calendars and Paper Saver.

Zoner Photo Studio 18 offers a lot of different options and parameters for creating documents. For example, you can choose a lot of different templates, specify the desired page format or size for creating contact sheets and calendars and so on. After finishing and applying settings, you have the possibility to print created documents immediately, save them on the computer, export to PDF or open in Editor for further editing.

Zoner Photo Studio 18 also allows you to set any image as a desktop wallpaper.

Print 1

Print- calendars

Print- templates

Print- export

In addition, the program allows you to share your photos online using popular social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter, send them by email, create a link and send it to friends or upload to the special Zoner website which offers unlimited space for your photos (you need to create an account to use this service).



In the developer section of Zoner Photo Studio 18 you can perform the following operations with the photos- the program allows you to apply different effects, for example, sepia, grain, retro, cinema, and so on (more than twenty effects are offered by the program; and you can view changes using a small preview window before applying effects), adjust White Balance by specifying temperature and tint, enhance color by applying hue, saturation and vibrance; enhance exposure by editing contrast, lights, shadows, white and black point, sharpen the photo, remove noise from the picture, and so on.

The Editor section of Zoner Photo Studio 18 is the most complex and advanced part of the program which allows you to perform thorough image editing. Thanks to a lot of advanced tools you can apply effects, enhance colors, remove noise, and so on. The editor section includes several menu buttons; they are as follows- File, Edit, Adjust, Effects, Layer, selection and View. The most important of them are the following:

Edit- this section allows you to rotate the photo right or left by 180 degrees; flip the photo horizontally or vertically; resize the picture by specifying the desired width and height in pixels, percent, centimeters, millimeters or inches; canvas size, i.e. crop the picture or add a colored border to it (you have the possibility to specify manually the desired width, weight and image alignment); crop images in batch mode using predefined parameters, i.e. width, height, etc.; overlay the photo with the desired text (by specifying the text font, size, color, style, spacing, transparency, background and rotation angle; of course, you can use the text as a watermark, too) or with the image (by specifying its mode, transparency, position, rotation angle, and so on); change color depth (for example, RGB 8 bits / channel, Grayscale at 8 bits / channel, etc.); apply different filters to multiple photos at once in batch mode (for example, enhance colors, edit color temperature, remove noise, and a lot of others).

Overlay with image

Overlay with text

Add bilter in batch

Adjust- this section allows you to perform quick fixation of the photo; correct the brightness levels, tone range and color balance on the photo; enhance colors by adjusting RGB color channels and applying hue, saturation, vibrance, brightness and contrast; adjust color temperature manually or automatically; enhance exposure by adjusting contrast, lights, shadows, white and black point, clarity, etc.; sharpen the photo by specifying effect strength, radius and threshold; blur the photo by using one of six blurring methods.

In addition, Zoner Photo Studio 18 also allows you to remove noise and fix chromatic defect, distortion, vignetting and interlacing.

Enhance Colors

Effects- Zoner Photo Studio 18 includes a lot of amazing effects; all of which are collected in this section and can be added to the photos. For example, you can add explosion, cartoon or negative effects, and so on. Below you can find some screenshots of pencil drawing, envelop and cartoon effects.

Pencil drawing effect

Envelope effect

cartoon effects

Layer- this section is used to place some objects on the photo. Zoner Photo Studio 18 allows you to place an image (by specifying its position and opacity), text (by specifying its size, spacing, color style, alignment, quality, etc.), symbols (for example, pencil, book, candle, and so on) and shapes (for example, rectangle, triangle, ellipse, etc.).

Place image

Place shape

Selection- this section contains different selection tools; they are as follows- rectangle selection, elliptical selection, lasso, polygonal lasso, magnetic lasso, magic wand and selection brush.

Conversion- with the help of Zoner Photo Studio 18 you can convert images from one graphic formats to another; the program supports a wide variety of formats, for example, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, and so on.


System Requirements

Windows 7- Windows 10 (both 32 and 64 bits)

Intel or AMD processor with SSE2 support

2 GB of RAM

350 MB of free hard disk space


Supported RAW formats- CRW, CR2, DNG, MRW, NEF, ORF, PEF, ARW, SRF, SR2, MEF, ERF, RAW, RAF, FFF, RWZ, RWL, 3FR, CS1, SRW

Supported Video formats- ASF, AVI, M1V, MOV, MP4, MPE, MPEG, MPG, MTS, OGV, QT, WMV

What is new in version 18?

A better catalog with new tricks

Non-destructive edits

A standalone viewer

HD videos from the photos

Quicker sharing

One-click locations


Windows 10 compatible

Clearer buttons

Better work with lights and shadows

Postcards straight from ZPS

High DPI support

New e-mail album sharing

Quicker number crunching

Support for 4K displays


The new version of Zoner Photo Studio 18 is really amazing. Thanks to a lot of improvements and tons of new features, it now offers a wide variety of advanced tools which allow you to organize , manage and edit photos easily and effectively. The program is a great choice for those users that want to edit your photos professionally. Fortunately, the program includes everything what is needed for that.

Zoner Photo Studio 18 is a complete solution for working with photos at all levels starting from a simple correction of the photos and ending with their complex and advanced editing.


1. Effective and easy management of the entire photo collection.
2. It includes a lot of professional and advanced tools for professional editing.
3. Improved and easy to use interface.
And a lot of others.


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