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Zoom Player Max Review

Zoom Player Max Review

by February 17, 2015

Zoom Player Max Review

Audio and Video are integral parts of our life. It is very difficult to find a person who does not listen to music or watch movies. They beautify our everyday routine, help us escape reality and to overcome difficulties and problems with life in general. Some may like going to the theater or concerts but some, like me, enjoy sitting at a computer and listening or watching Audio or DVD collections at home.

But the question is how and where can we find a good program that is able to play all of our audio and video files with the highest quality. Most existing media players have plenty of useful and interesting features, but, unfortunately, they lack many others. Zoom Player Max is an exception to the rule; it has perfectly combined a well thought-out user interface along with easy to use basic functions on the one hand and a number of flexible and more powerful features on the other hand.

Zoom Player Max is the most powerful, flexible and customizable DVD and media player available for the Windows operating system. It works seamlessly with almost all modern video and audio formats. The program has a wide variety of settings, convenient controls along with highly developed and advanced functions.

The program comes in three different versions- Free, Professional and Max. The Free version has a lot of features, options and the majority of video and audio formats are supported. It is an ideal choice for those who want to save money while still having a versatile and multifunctional player. Zoom Player Pro is not just a media player, but also a powerful DVD player with a set of very convenient and useful functions; and Max version is the pearl of perfection; it still includes all the great features of the Free and Pro versions but adds other distinctive features.


The installation process is standard and includes the usual well-known steps. After agreeing to the EULA, selecting an installation mode (Standard or Legacy) and choosing a destination folder for the necessary components you will be welcomed with the window allowing you to select some media codecs (for instance, LAV filters, FFDShow, etc.) as well as your preferred language. That is all. Afterwards you can use the program without any restrictions for of a period of thirty days!









The main interface of the program is very convenient, easy to use and highly configurable. Zoom Player Max works in three modes- Audio, Media and DVD mode.

Audio Mode is intended for playing audio files; it includes all the necessary control buttons for manipulation with songs- mute, stop, play and open buttons, as well as the buttons for playing the previous or next track. There is a volume slider on the left side and a station manager, equalizers and playlist on the right.

Audio Mode


Audio Mode 1

Media Mode is intended to run any media file (both audio and video) and DVD Mode which uses predefined DirectShow filters to view and play DVD disks. Using these two modes Zoom is a fully functional and highly advanced replacement for the default Windows Media Player(WMP). It also provides several important functions which WMP lacks. The interface of these two modes includes the same control buttons which are present in Audio mode, but, unlike it, you can enrich them with top and bottom bar buttons.

Top bar buttons include: Skin Selection, Station Manager, Color Control, Navigation, Media Library Editor, Chapter Editor and Options.

Bottom bar buttons are intended to adjust brightness, saturation, contrast to the media file, as well as the buttons for to play rate control and audio balance.

Media, DVD Mode

Main features of the program


Zoom Player Max supports almost any type of audio files seamlessly and with the highest quality playback. The number of supported formats is nearly boundless. The program supports the following audio formats (see the screenshot below).

Zoom Player supports the following audio formats: MP3, AAC, AC3 (Dolby Digital), WAV, FLAC, WMA, OGG, CDA (CD-Audio), DTS, MKA, AMR, APE, RA, MPC, OFR, SHN, TTA, WV, ALAC (Apple), MIDI, AIFF, and other streaming audio. (see the screenshot below).

Audio formats

With the help of an Equalizer you can easily adjust the desired audio balance for the song. The program allows you to select and edit various equalizer profiles, for example, classical, club, pop, reggae, and so on. In the Option menu you can set up additional options.

Equalizer 1


Equalizer 2

Zoom Player has a built-in Station Manager for listening to radio stations and it offers a great number of pre-available stations which are conveniently grouped by genre (alternative, blues, folk, etc.). You can even add a new station to the program list (if you know the exact URL) and edit it.

Station manager 1


Station manager 2

Do you have a smartphone and a desire to create ringtones for it from your favorite songs? No problem! This program can do that. Simply specify start and stop times for the ringtone you wish to create, select an output format (MP3, AAC or FLAC), Bitrate quality (from Low-96 kb per second through Highest- 320 kb per second) and Sample Rate. That is it. Zoom Player will do the rest and create it for you.


Zoom Player may proudly and rightfully boast of its highly useful, customizable playlist which can be placed anywhere on the desktop. It allows you to perform a variety of operations with audio files (see the screenshots below), i.e. add files to the playlist not only from the computer, but also from URLs, load or save playlists, etc.

Playlist 1


Playlist 2

You can easily edit the meta-data of any song; including its title, genre, language, and so on,

sort your songs by name, type, etc.,

and then manage them with the help of an Advanced Playlist Control.


It is worth mentioning the fact that Zoom Player supports a ton of video formats; they are as follow: DVD, Blu-Ray, XVID, DIVX, AVI, H.264 (MPEG4), MP4 (MPEG4 ISO), MKV (Matroska), FLV / SWF (Flash Video), MPEG2, WMV, ASF, MOV (QuickTime), OGM, OGV , RM, RMVB, VCD / SVCD (Video CD), MPG, MPEG2 (M2V, VOB, MOD), MJPEG, 3GP, FLIC, and other formats. (see the screenshot below).

Video formats

The program allows you to increase and decrease brightness, saturation and contrast; de-interlace video; watch your favorite films in a different aspect ratio (Full Screen, Wide screen, etc.) add various filter properties and select a suitable stream.

With the help of its Advanced Option you can perform various actions including customize many of the settings for the program, namely, Aspect Ratio, Colors, Presets and Subtitles.

The quality of the video is simply outstanding. It doesn’t stop there though, it allows you to bookmark your favorite scenes, play an incomplete AVI file thanks to a special AVI Splitter module, manage subtitles and customize various presets. Simply speaking, with Zoom Player, you can instantly transform any PC into a home entertainment center without needing specialized equipment.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

DVD and Blu-Ray

With Zoom Player you can play DVD and Blu-Ray discs. Thanks its many advanced settings you are able to configure the program so that it meets your requirements. Below are a few screenshots of the main DVD settings.





Zoom Player also supports Parental Control for DVD discs allowing you to select from various ‘safe levels’ and prevents those movies you don’t approve of from being played without a password.

Parental control

Image Files

The program does not only support the standard Audio and Video files, but also a number of graphic files, for example: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO, WMF.

Image Formats

Other Options

Zoom Player Max has a very useful and convenient tool called Navigator which includes a variety of options for controlling any aspect of the program, for instance, Bookmarks, Playlist, Media Library, and so on.


As for some of its other options, the program simply offers an awesome range of settings for practically everything. You can configure the Interface settings (control bar, keyboard, mouse, etc.), Playback (Video, Audio, DVD, Blu-Ray), its File Format Associations and many others.


System Requirements

The program does not have any specific hardware requirements. It runs seamlessly with just about every Windows operating system. Anything from Windows XP or higher will do.


I have not experienced any problem during my test of the program. Zoom Player Max pulled its job off perfectly. Regardless of if it was working with Audio, DVDs and even Video files it was as easy as the Alphabet (ABCs). With such a huge variety of settings you can easily configure every, even minor, detail in order to serve your interests. Zoom Player is one of the best all-round players with rich features and possibilities.



Extremely customizable interface with lots of settings
Huge support for almost any video and audio format
Various options for configuring the program
and many others



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Zoom Player Max is the best media player on the software market. Due to its many advanced settings and unique features, it offers just about everything you could want for seamless and comfortable media playback.

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